Salesforce Based AMS: Veruna Vs TechCanary

Discussion in 'Insurance Technology Forum' started by JoeMSP, Jun 29, 2017.

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    Anyone have any experience (good or bad) with either TechCanary or Veruna?

    Recently did demo's with both; if you're moderately familiar with Salesforce, this will be very exciting to you.

    Looking to get away from the Applied Systems TAM "deathgrip".
  2. Matthew King

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    I have not used those ones. I however, have enjoyed using Agency Bloc as a AMS. A demo is free with them as well, and it has automated workflows, email marketing, reports, policy tracking, lead capture forms, etc.

    The pricing is rather good but the best experience I have had with them is the customer support. Along with all the constant updates they are doing by listening to suggestions from their customers.

    Check them out: Agency Bloc
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    I'm actually a former TechCanary user that changed to Veruna and was one of the first 3 agencies to join them.

    I joined in March and started finally using the product full force just 3 weeks ago after finalizing the import and training.

    I left Tech Canary even before knowing about Veruna, I only stumbled upon them when a fellow agent forwarded me a link to their website.

    The main reason I left Tech Canary was for the lack of Acord integration which is a must for any agency. They claimed to have it integrated somehow but it really isn't. Then when I found Veruna, the key selling point for them was the Acord integration, that part caught my attention and i'm so happy to finally be one of their users. I have had only positive experiences with them. The team is just amazing, the best of the best, with a huge vision and great customer service. I'm still new with them but I could tell the difference.

    Feel free to reach out to me with any detailed questions.

    Thank you

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