Seeking Advice from Employee Benefit Brokers / Professionals

Apr 28, 2019

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    Hi all,

    I'm working with a fintech startup company that's launched a cloud based software designed to help employees create a budget for themselves and ultimately save money. The software is unique, in that it can help people manage their finances and it also has marketing elements integrated into it.

    Healthcare might be the most focused employee benefit, but statistics on employee financial health do not lie. Employees are stressed about their finances and that stress directly affects their work and productivity. Our goal is to help employees manage their money better and to reduce their debt, which would result in higher employee productivity and less turnover for employers. Our product is not a financial advisor.

    To Employee Benefit Brokers/Companies, where do you think a product like this could fit in? A lot of companies do use Fidelity and other financial advisors, but our product is completely different. Ideally we want our software to be included into existing benefit packages. I just want to get the opinion of professionals who are in the employee benefits realm. Would a product like this be appealing to brokers/ employee benefit companies?

    P.S I explained our product in a nutshell. Bottom line is that it does a lot of things, is unique and user-friendly.

    Zohair, Apr 28, 2019