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    Reddit, as they say, is the front page news of the internet. Done right, posting on this site can funnel traffic to your website, increasing:

    1. Optins
    2. Leads
    3. Buyers

    Well for insurance agents the hardest part posting on reddit is:
    1. Our content is niche and doesn't appeal to the mass market except when they're actively searching for it - so just sharing the articles on popular or trendy subreddits doesn't garner the attention most agents hoped it would.
    2. Most mods from most subreddits don't take kindly to agents promoting their own content
    3. Mods in r/insurance are extremely hostile to agents advising consumers, quick to jump down anyone's throat calling them spammers.

    So what I did was create a subreddit just for insurance agents to share their content. You never know when this content may help consumers searching on Reddit for answers to their questions - and sometimes consumers don't want to post their questions on Reddit for fearing trolls and ridicule, which is why there's a ton of lurkers/readers on Reddit.

    Also, submitting your content to Reddit gives your site a no-follow link. If you get enough people to upvote your content, it turns into a more helpful backlink for your website (do-follow), here's Josh McDonald's advice to turn no-follow links into do-follow links:

    The rules are simple for this subreddit: make sure your content is helpful either to agents or consumers, and don't submit garbage.

    If you'r scratching your head because you're unfamiliar with the site, check out these helpful quick guides:

    Advanced Reddit SEO Guide 2017
    Reddit Content Marketing
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    Great idea Justin. I will try to look over it and add some sites over the next few days. Ive been redesigning my sites and am almost finished. Will be making a big marketing push over the next few weeks so this is perfect timing for me.
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    Good stuff. I'll check it out. No down votes on any of my posts from you guys.......

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