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    This may be old news, but the first time I have checked and seen them up there. Not final, but gives you an idea. I have a feeling TN DOI will approve anything anyone asks for just to keep them in the market.

    Cigna: Requesting 48.7%

    "On average, customers will see an increase of 42.1%,*excluding the impact of aging, with a range of increases from 12.2% to 182.2%." Would hate to be the person with the 180% increase if no subsidy.

    Blue Cross: Requesting 21%.
    One bronze, two silver and a gold appear to be same plans

    50 year old couple making $75,000 would only pay half their income for a plan with a co-pay. Or only $16000 annually in order to pay another $11,000 in deductibles.


    Oh well, if no one's paying commission it doesn't really matter to me anyway.

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