Some general "getting started" questions about Medicare Advantage

Jul 21, 2008

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    My wife and I just got our licenses to sell life and health insurance in California. We're particularly interested in selling SNP's due to their sell-ability during closed enrollment.
    We have a few questions for anybody who can help:
    1. Which of the insurance providers in California that offer MA plans are the best to get appointed with?
    2. Do you recommend selling MA plans with SNP options?
    3. Please offer any opinions on the lead-generating services that sell (minimum) 20 leads a week for about $30 each? They claim that their agents boast a 40% close rate overall. Certainly seems worth it if true. Thoughts?
    4. What is the best way to become familiar with all of the different plans so that we may be equipped to answer any question or concern that arises in the field? Stands to reason that I'll really have to know my stuff if I'm spending over $600 per week in leads.
    5. Would you mind sharing which avenues of insurance sales you've found to be particularly prosperous and rewarding, whether it be during open or closed enrollment?
    6. Is it mandatory in California to have a Managing General Agent?
    7. Are some Managing General Agents better than others, or is an agent's success pretty much self-directed?
    I know it's a lot of questions but any advice is appreciated