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Discussion in 'Health Care Reform Forum' started by Charley Parker, Nov 24, 2015.

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    Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment is underway, and there’s one application you need to simplify your business for 2016 and beyond.

    eBroker Software, powered by Ritter Insurance Marketing, is a quote and enroll tool that lets you assist clients searching for marketplace plans—including ACA-affiliated dental plans—all in one spot.

    Perhaps the best feature of this application is the ability to embed the quote engine API onto your own personal website! You can do business in your sleep when customers run quotes on your own page and find what tax credits they qualify for.

    With eBroker Software, there’s only a low monthly fee. There are no per application fees and no contracts, just cleaner, easier, better quoting.

    Maximize your earning potential. Sign up at eBrokerSoftware.com or get more information here.
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