Tax Office - Need Advice Adding Insurnace to Service

Discussion in 'Getting Started Selling Insurance' started by bigbluesky, Mar 17, 2017.

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    Hi, I am a CPA in Virginia. I just opened a small tax office at the beginning of the tax season and I would like to add selling insurances to the service. I would like to be independent agent. I know the first step would be getting L&H, and P&C licenses. Then what is next?

    Currently I am thinking about purchasing exam study materials on americaprofessor website. $135 for L&H and annuity, and another $135 for P&C. Is there anywhere else that has cheaper price?

    For starter like myself, any tip/advice on where to get training?

    Should I join Agency Partnership group like SIAA, Smart Choice, etc? I did look at this option but it appears to be pricey for starters that dont make a lot of sales for the first few years.

    My goal is to become fee only agent.

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