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Jul 8, 2015

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    Just trying to get a better handle of how many appointments you would expect a telemarketer to set calling for MedSupp appointments (not apps, appts to go meet clients) off a T65 list through a predictive dialer. Thinking about hiring a telemarketer or trying it myself having telemarkerted in the past for insurance (on the benefits side which typically yielded 1 appt for every 4 hours of calls). Just want to set some reasonable expectations based on others who have done it before me. Any and all feedback is appreciated.
    hphs, Jul 8, 2015
  2. midwestbroker

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    I have some numbers I can give you as an example:

    Interns calling for agents - they were calling age in list and old leads - hand dialing each number
    College age (early 20's) - no insurance or telelmarketing experience prior

    Telemarketer #1
    Week 1
    350 Dials
    66 Contacts
    14 Transferred to an agent
    4 Appointments Set

    Week 2
    282 Dials
    57 Contacted
    7 Transfers
    7 Appointments

    Week 3
    396 Dials
    59 Contacted
    13 Transfers
    0 Appointments

    Total sales = 6

    Telemarketer #2
    Week 1
    489 Dials
    137 Contacted
    15 Transferred
    8 Appointments

    Week 2
    340 Dials
    54 Contacted
    4 Transferred
    6 Appointments

    Week 3
    428 Dials
    31 Contacted
    5 Transferred
    3 Appointments

    Total Sales = 6

    There were other telemarketers but these 2 had the highest number of sales off their appointments (6 both). Again, these were non agents just setting appointments. Your results of course will vary. They were using various simple scripts to set the appointments or transfers.

    Hope this helps!