Testeachers Sold and Examfx Isn't Cutting It IMO. Anything Similar to Testeachers Out There?

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    If you haven't been to the pre-licensing realm in a while you might not have heard that Testeacher's online sold to examfx. I am wondering if there's anything comparable to TT out there.

    I went ahead and signed up for examfx's series course and already finding out that is was a bad idea. Give you a little insight on where I'm coming from, along with my life+health I have attained five other series certs. I've studied STC and Kaplan and a while back to a leap of faith on TT. I was pretty amused by their Georgia O'keeffe color scheme for everything, but it was understandable since it was an AZ based company. Regardless I found their program extremely concise and easy to digest. It can even say that it was quite fun. Importantly, the info was spot on and wasn't congested with useless info that I knew wasn't going to be on the test. I could tell that the people behind the courses had experience with the series exams. The big point this all added up to was that it saved my time and if your in the financial industry, you know we can't have enough of this valuable resource.

    Just after a few hours of going through examfx's material I am finding out it's like a turn in the opposite directions. Some of the questions are just poorly written and I know from personal experience that it leads to contradictions for the newer pre-licensee. There is an added challenge of trying to extrapolate what examfx questions exactly are really looking for. The verbiage seems like it wasn't thought out to negate this beforehand.

    I'll give an example of this in a typical question from memory about ETFs.
    " which of the following are charateristics of ETFs?
    a They aren't sold directly to investors
    b They provide intraday liquidity
    c They allow smaller dollar amounts
    d They are redeemable by the fund

    Based on my experience, knowledge and the questions wording I guessed wrong...of course. I chose b and c.....well what the question fails to assert is that they meant answers pertaining the primary market NOT secondary. I just assumed this since even the explanation doesn't distinguish it??? Btw all their questions so far I haven't seen beyond two Roman numeral answers being correct....not wise, from experience the answers in the real series questions can be a few or all.

    This is not a slam on examfx. I just feel that this kind of thing is going to do an disservice to those that pay and study their hearts out and spend TIME doing so - especially the newbs. It would be that bad if it was just a few, but I've seen it again and again only in the beginning of using their materials. There are too many questions I know that aren't going to be seen in any of the series exams and I've taken a few recently. And if you've done so as well you know what I mean. It's almost as if they just started doing this and have no experience in prepping for the various series....not good IMO. Just to poor salt into this, their website doesn't seem to work well with firefox. It won't even backspace; I tried with all add-ons disabled and fresh install. There were a few misdirects and 404 errors?

    With all this I am definitely shopping for something easy, streamlined and a bit stimulating. No one doesn't like to study with a full schedule so something similar to Testeachers would be great. I don't mind being wrong when taking these courses at all - it's how I learn, but to see this again and again throughout the course is distracting. Any recommendations out there? I would greatly appreciate it and this is just a part of my own DD to finding something that works the way it should. Thank you
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    Hello allstock! You may have already found a solution as this thread is a bit old but I noticed in this thread (and in another) you were looking for something similar to the TT format. America’s Professor doesn’t currently offer any series courses but we do have pre-licensing courses in Property, Casualty, Life and Health if you or someone else is looking. Our goal is to simulate a live course feel online with 20+ hours of video instruction that teaches to our book. We find that our students do very well on their exams when they actually know the concepts they are being tested on. Review questions are a must but not the biggest focus in our courses. Some providers like their students to take question after question to learn the material but we use questions to reinforce our lectures. Please take a look at our course offering and let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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