Texas Snipers

Oct 11, 2018

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    Trump tax increase sales pitch from Texas snipers.

    Sunday October 07, 2018
    Georgia – Trump’s tax plan just dealt a deadly blow to millions of American seniors. A massive
    rate hike along with cut benefits could destabilize the Medicare system as we know it.

    Seniors 65+ on Medicare will see a massive spike in their premiums in the coming year.

    Which means with the wrong Medicare plan more Americans will overpaying for less coverage. In
    some cases thousands more than expected Now is the time for consumers to double check their
    Medicare supplement plans to make sure they’re not overpaying for a plan that will underdeliver.

    The worst mistake a consumer can make when looking at Medicare supplement options is not
    comparing rates.

    Smiley Face Medicare is out to change that and put the power of choice back in the hands of the American
    seniors that need it the most.

    While standard Medicare will still pay 80% of most medical costs... a massive cut in entitlement
    benefits combined with a sharp rise in the cost of treatments means that remaining 20% that
    consumers are liable for... will end up costing a lot more out of pocket. Possibly thousands more.

    This means that being on the right Medicare Supplement plan means more now than it ever has.
    Unfortunately, until now finding the right Medicare Supplement plan has been difficult and
    painstaking. It takes hours of phone calls with agents that fail to fully understand the Medicare
    system. Their lack of knowledge is costing Americans thousands each year.

    Smiley Face Medicare a small startup based in Austin, Tx has set its sights on making sure that more
    American seniors have more coverage and pay less out of pocket. And they’re taking the hassle and
    hard work out of it.

    The new tax bill is well over 500 pages of legal jargon that even top tier lawyers could have
    trouble understanding.

    But the friendly personalized Smiley Face Medicare agent knows the ins and outs of the Medicare
    supplement system. Which means no stress and no hassle for you.

    A Smiley Face Medicare agents entire purpose is to put more American seniors on the right path so that
    Medicare works for them ... and not the other way around. Whether just turning 65 or they’ve been
    on Medicare for years- A single phone call with an agent could save seniors thousands.

    Medical expenses are quickly becoming the number one cause of bankruptcy for seniors today... and
    this new tax plan could leave Americans more exposed than ever.

    You’ve worked hard your entire life... out of pocket medical expenses should be the last of
    your problems.

    A Medicare Supplement plan is the missing piece that will shield you from unexpected expenses like
    copays and deductibles.

    And Quick Medicare just simplified the entire process.
    Follow These Steps to Save Money with Smiley Face Medicare:
    1. Simply check your ZIP code below.
    2. After you enter your ZIP code and some basic health information, you can view all of your
    available Medicare Supplement plans and coverages.
    3. Put money back into your pocket every year!
    somarco, Oct 11, 2018
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    Only LD would fall for that crap
    Yagents, Oct 11, 2018
  3. somarco

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    Got this from a (Lefty) client.

    Not LD.

    They can't stand Trump.
    somarco, Oct 11, 2018