That's Not How Any of This Works

May 9, 2016

  1. mplsmm

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    I usually just lurk but holy crap what a week. First at a network mixer and the only other IA in the room gravitates towards me, we sell all the same crap blah blah. He gives me a card, I notice he is in a different town, in a strip mall next to my husband. I mention my husband works there, big giant building. I guess it's possible to miss a huge building next to your office every day for 10 years but whatever. So he says he is going to call on my husband, wtf? See if he has any needs. I said don't go bothering him, he is busy plus you know, I have him covered. Guy says you never know, he can at least take a look.
    Next, family comes over and brother in law is pretty excited because he has all of these new insurance policies. An IA through his union (he isn't in the union) say he has a free policy and wants to take 5 minutes to explain it to him. He is 35, lives with his mom and can't make any decisions really. She isn't much better, always magic beans with those two. I can't write her anything in good conscience. She has limited faculties, those two together equal 3/4 of a person. So anyway, this guy stays for 2 hours, writes I don't know how many policies and gets all of our names and addresses so he can call on us (MIL says she told him I sell insurance) and didn't leave any paperwork and no one remembers the name, maybe American something. MIL did say they don't work and can't pay but he said not to worry, people always find a way for the important things. So now I get to wait for this guy to call someone to try to set an appointment so I can get a name or wait for the drafts to start hitting.
    mplsmm, May 9, 2016
  2. DHK


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    Sounds exactly like American Income Life (AIL).

    But the line of "people always find a way for the important things" shows that he only wanted to make a sale and didn't listen to a damned thing. Guess he doesn't care about chargebacks or about any NSF fees he's about to have charged on their bank accounts.
    DHK, May 11, 2016
  3. MW Agent

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    1. The guy do doesn't sound bright, but is hard headed and willing to call everyone. He will probably do well.

    2. The second guy is in or will be in charge back hell. No thank you.
    MW Agent, May 11, 2016