The American College Will Announce WMCP this Fall

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    When Dr. Robert Johnson, PhD, CFA, CAIA took the post of CEO of The American College a few years ago, he welcomed open ideas regarding the College and/or anything else. I submitted that the College did not have a mid-range investment-oriented designation that could "compete" with CIMA that would be a good fit for its students and that HE would be an ideal person to help develop such a curriculum as he himself is a CFA and CAIA. Dr. Johnson agreed with me.

    A couple of years later, Dr. Michael Finke from Texas Tech joined the faculty at The American College as Chief Academic Officer and he was forwarded a copy of my email from Dr. Robert Johnson and we spoke by phone about it.

    It appears that out of that idea, a new designation called Wealth Management Certified Professional (WMCP) will be launched this fall and, in my opinion, will help to close a cap of course curriculum offerings from The American College.
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