The Bottom Line: P&C Agents who Are Not Allergic to Picking Up the Phone

Discussion in 'Insurance Cold Calling Forum' started by Rick Deckard, Jul 17, 2017.

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    I put up a lengthy thread with some ins and outs, now I want to try and help those who want something quick and to the point. I am going to highlight what you need to be doing and I likely won't deviate much from it. You won't like what I am going to tell you but you can stop searching for something you will never find.

    1. If you are new to insurance or even if you have had a lic for 3-5 years and don't have much of a book, you need to hear this. YOU MUST COLD CALL until YOU FIND YOURSELF IN A WARM MARKET...PERIOD!!! My definition of a warm market is really just not needing additional leads because you have too much to do already, in fact you are trying to pass that stuff off to others.

    2. If you are going to become dedicated to cold calling you must be on the phones at night between the hours of 6pm-8pm...I'm talking to you with the actual license. If you hire a TM they should be calling from 4pm-8pm. I will also suggest to you that Sat Morn 9am-Noon and yes Sunday afternoons until about 7pm. Especially when football season cranks up, those people are home on Sundays.

    M 6-8pm
    T 6-8pm
    W 6-8pm
    R 6-8pm
    FRIDAY...DNC on Fri Night, waste of time and you need to unwind a little bit.

    Sat 9am-Noon
    Sun After church/Noon until about 7pm. You would be shocked how many folks will talk to some parts of the country and just certain peeps love to cry foul about how you are ruining their Sunday...blah blah blah just go call the next person and don't pay that 1st nitwit a bit of attention. NEXT!

    When are most working class folks home? What I just listed and told you. If you hire someone to help or do the cold calling, you can't expect to find much only paying 2 hours a day so I would hire a TM for 4 hours a night, no Fridays and then either have them call on Sat Morn or Sunday Afternoons. A Sunday thru Thursday schedule might be very appealing to someone looking for 15-20 hours a week and still has a lot of their weekend in tact.

    One thing I would like to add at the's OK if you didn't do any of this until now and it's OK if you don't get started tonight. It's OK if you can only muster 1-2 nights a week, I know cold calling SUCKS ROTTEN APPLES, who do you think you're reading here? Forgive yourself and get back on the horse. It's not how many times your face hits the canvas, it's the ability to get back up and continue to box/fight, get your hands up and get ready to strike.

    I would also add that you are going to need 30-60 minutes a day of positive motivational energy/tapes/videos. I personally like guys such as Les Brown, John Maxwell, there are lots of them out there. You need to play something for 30-60 minutes in the afternoon(When you are doing paperwork at your desk) to try and combat all that negative flow coming your way earlier and other parts of the day. You need focus when it is time to make phones calls.

    Oh and FTR: I wish I could tell you I stick to this schedule myself but just like you I have my good days and my bad days. I'm going to leave you with one more thing that I know is going to hit some of you like a MACK FRACK'In TRUCK...

    There is no such thing as time management, you cannot manage actual time, it just keeps on ticking. You can however manage your actions.

    Cheers Amigos!
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    Awesome work RD !

    Thanks man...for your contributions!

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