The End All Be All Door2Door/Door Knocking Thread (mined Gold!)

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    Before I start off, I just want to say thanks to the main contributors;
    Frank Stasny,
    and if I missed anyone else that recognizes their own words, please let me know and I will add you.

    I started this thread because the weather is breaking, and there are more and more agents going back to the basics for prospecting.
    This is one of the solid legs for prospecting that an agent can do, the other being cold calling (I might start that thread too).

    If you haven't read this thread Survey For DOOR TO DOOR! by all means read it, its empowering and great.

    I simply went through EVERY door to door/ door knocking thread on here. There is all around good advice and some specific advice tailored to different types of insurance.

    Instead of
    1. wading through every thread looking for the nuggets of gold, I have already done that for you.
    2. starting a thread asking about door2door or door knocking

    here it is compiled below, separated by responses. Attached is a word document in case your on the go or you want to print it out to make more notes.

    Have fun and good luck this season!!!:)
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    Re: The End All Be All Door2Door/Door Knocking Thread (mined Gold

    [FONT=&quot]I put out doorhanger for 5 years straight - used Door Hangers - Printing - - universal single-sided for 3 cents a pop - 100,000 for $299.

    I was selling individual health and here's my results:

    1) The best return was "lower middle" - moving into middle class and uppper middle was very poor results.

    2) Return for leads was half of 1%. So 10,000 hangers resulted in 50 leads.

    3) My closing was 1 out of 8 which means 6 deals.

    4) Back then, my average commish was $500 = $3,000 on a $300 investment. Great ROI

    Other points worth noting:

    1) I could put out 150 per day which meant getting all 10,000 out took 50 days. That's about 2 months which means that $3,000 commission averaged out to $375 per week.

    2) It's quite physically demanding - you have about 2 hours of it max unless you're in great shape.

    3) You need to get all 10,000 out. You cannot make ROI calculations based on getting 200, 500 or even 2,000 out. Some weeks I'd get 1 lead, other weeks I'd get 8 and others I'd get zero.

    Avoid managed properties - especially apartment complexes, senior housing, etc...It's a matter of time before you get a call from the property manager. One manager threatened to call the police and file trespassing charges unless I came back and took them all down.

    Expect a few nasty calls from homeowners who hate getting these things on their doors. Not many, but expect it. Honor all no soliciting signs.[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]How do you doorknock FE leads and remain organized?

    I had a previous job in which I had to visit 250 houses per week. I was a bi-monthly inspector for foreclosed homes. I was a contracted worker, and I was paid on a per-house basis. Speed was important! While doing that job, since we were contracted with banks, occasionally they had us deliver loan letters to people who were "pending foreclosure."

    Both of these experiences have helped me in Final Expense. Essentially, I have been able to take what I learned from those two jobs and integrate them into my Final Expense selling. Here is my method:

    Note: This method is only for whenever I have a lead card. This is not a stand-alone method. You need to network and get referrals and think outside the box. However, it is a solid routine that I follow, and I have success with it.

    On the day that I get the lead, I make a photocopy (or, if it comes as a pdf., I print two copies on my laser printer). I place that person's information into my database (I have created my own CRM using Excel. You can manage hundred and hundreds of people, place any reminder in the system that you want, never miss a phone call, all with the proper knowledge of Excel).

    Now that they are in my contact manager, I have them marked as a Door Knock.

    When I was managing 500 homes, I had to make a new, efficient route every day. I also had to make sure that I never missed a house! I had deadlines. Using excel for that helped, because you can import everything from Excel into Microsoft Streets and Trips. Plan your route, optimize your stops, and save time and gas. I do the same with my leads where my next step is to go to their door.
    [FONT=&quot]Now that I have an optimized route...

    1st door knock: If they are home, I'll do what I need to do to either make it in the door that day or get an appointment for the next day.

    If they are not home, I will leave a letter and a photocopy of their lead card in their door. The letter states, "Thank you for requesting information...see photocopy below...blah blah blah. Strong call to action for them to call me). I leave this where they will see it. I make a note in my contact manager.

    2nd door knock: Repeat 1st

    If they are not home, I will put them into my contact manager as a "Saturday or Evening" doorknock. This means that I will only try them one more time.

    This is what I learned from the loan company. We had to try three times. The first 2 times were tried during the day. The third try had to be either in an evening (after 6pm) or on a Saturday.
    If I did that for the loan company, I can do that for potential customers.

    If I can never reach them on 3 attempts, I will simply try calling them (if I have a number). But, I will always attempt face-to-face first. I have much better closing ratios that way.

    So, in short, I think a good "method" is to (1) Have an organized route, every day and (2) Have an organized system to try to hit the house at least 3 times before you stop door knocking in exchange for another method.

    Hope this helps someone.
    [FONT=&quot]"Between appointments, I knock on the door and when they answer it I say, "Hello, my name is_____, I've got several appointments with people in your neighborhood this week concerning the supplement to their social security benefit of $255 and I wanted to see if I could set up a time to visit with you about it tomorrow," (now I open my appointment book and before they can say anything, I say), "I've got a 10:30 in the morning and a 4:00 in the afternoon available, which would be more convenient for you?"

    I am looking at my appointment book with my pen on the 10:30 time and waiting to write the one that they pick.

    I find this to be very effective and set a ton of appointments this way. And I do only work by appointment. I even go so far as to refuse to go into their home if they say "well I've got time right now, come on in." I say, I'm sorry, but I've got an appointment with Mr. and Mrs.______ in 15 minutes, but I can pencil you in for 10:30 or 4:00 tomorrow, which would you prefer?

    I think this makes you look more professional and a lot less desperate. It also makes them realize that you value their time (and yours) and your not just peddling something door to door.

    You've got more than a hot lead now, You've got an appointment."
    [FONT=&quot]I have a simple leather planner/notes holder that I got from (and no, I don't recommend salesgenie...). I like it because it is really thin, but it can hold a folder. In it, I have the rate sheet for Final Expense. It has a built in calculator, which is nice.

    I try to get in the door first. Once I'm in, I find out why they sent the card in. What prompted their interest. Then, I begin to explain the kind of policies that I carry. I talk about how they are simple policies for seniors. No medical exam, and very few health questions. I show them the rate sheet and tell them that I'm about ready to get a quote to them based on what they've told me.

    Once I get to that point, I say, "You know what? Before I get these quotes ready for you, I'd like to run out to my car to grab the actual application. That way I can make sure that you qualify."

    I then go to the car and get the big file which has all the different apps.

    I don't know if that will help or not, but it basically allows me to get most of the work done before I have to bring in the big folder with applications for the different companies. It also allows me to get a quick quote to someone (because I do have the rate sheet) who doesn't seem genuinely interested. i.e. she won't stop talking about how poor she is and can't afford anything and blah blah blah. I give her a quick quote, then basically leave.
    [FONT=&quot]To answer your post seriously. I managed a captive agency for 6 years and with a limited product line you have to be creative and beat the streets. This is an approach that works for what I call "clover leafing".

    (With car keys in hand & rate sheet in your pocket or portfolio) Hey Sir/Mam! (with a BIG SMILE[​IMG]) My name is _____, How are you today? (how they answer doesn't matter - a lot of seniors will welcome a visit from someone friendly)

    I was just down the street meeting with some folks and thought I should pop by for a second and say Hi. (hand them your card) I work with______ and do my best to help people save money and in this economy, I thought I should see if I could help you too! (no pause) Do you have just a minute? (I usually get) Well, what is this about? (take that as "I'm interested" & look down, wipe your feet and at the same time say[​IMG] Well Mam/Sir, I only have a minute.

    (Once I get in the door I briefly change the subject) How long have you lived here? Are these your kids/grands? Nice dog/cat! Is that the welcoming committee? (breaks the ice and gets them talking) Well Mam/Sir, like I said, I only have a minute; real quick, do you have your final expenses planned for. If they say yes, I ask if it is paid up plan. If its not, I ask them how long they have had it and if their health has changed since they got the coverage. At that point you are fact finding. Find out the face amount and monthly premium to see if you are even in the ball park. If so, tell them you usually save folks on their premiums and sometimes you can even get them a check from their current insurance company but to find that out you need to look at their policy . Say: Real quick - do you have your policy handy? If not then set up another time to review it.

    If you can't help them ask for referrals. If they like you, they will want to help you. Remember, you are friendly and out working hard. Expect success and you will find it. The rule to door knocking & phone calling is: Some will, some wont, so what, NEXT. If you are only knocking doors, at least get 25-30 cold door knocks a day if you want to succeed. It isn't the easiest way to prospect (especially in the summer) but if done the right way in the right area - you will find FE clients.
    [FONT=&quot]The classic opener is: "You don't want to buy insurance, do you?" It is reverse psychology in action! It catches the prospect off guard.
    [FONT=&quot]Introduce yourself, first and last name as you hand them a business card.

    I just stopped by to introduce myself and drop off some information about the new Plan N that Medicare recently released. Unless your agent stays in touch with you, you may not be aware of it. It is priced about 35% less than the other Med Supp plans . The most attractive part is that you don’t have to answer any health questions to qualify for it.

    The plan I’m speaking of is an excellent investment of your premium dollar. I would be glad to explain it further if you have a couple of minutes. My time and the information is free. (Big smile)
    [FONT=&quot]give Frank credit for getting me in the door. When the lady opened the door she said that she was very happy with her current carrier, instead of walking away, I said " I'm sure you are because most seniors are happy but they also don't know that they can get the exact coverage they have now, from another TOP carrier, for less. Can I take about 10 minutes of your time?SHE LET ME IN, and the rest is history. I remember calling Frank because I was happier than a pig in s***.
    [FONT=&quot]Try this method: talk to the people who work on their yards. They will know people on the block. Don't ask for their business, ask for their help.

    Briefly explain what you do. Make it on how you help your clients such as, "I help with retirement planning"

    Then ask who you should talk to on the block. "Is anyone on the street just turning 50?"

    Now you have a list of referrals you can go to and say the garden lady sent you. Congrats, you now have a warm lead.
    [FONT=&quot]I'd rather tell them that you are taking advantage of the nice weather, and the opportunity to stretch your legs, and introduce yourself, personally. You can't be referred to EVERYONE, and this was just a way to meet new people.
    [FONT=&quot]I wouldn't revisit a business more often than every 3 or 6 months, so I'd apply the same rule to a neighborhood. Just make sure to keep notes on who your clients are, and who absolutely does not want to see you again. Also, I'd lean more towards 6 months between visits.
    [FONT=&quot]Sorry to interupt you Mr. Jones but I was in the area and I wanted to introduce myself and give you a card. A few months ago your name came across my desk saying you were inquiring about insurance and I tried to call you then but couldn't reach you. Part of my job is making sure everyone who wants affordable insurance knows all their options so...
    I was concerned about your situation did you ever have an agent who helped you out with the ________ insurance you were looking for?

    it's like the no soliciting signs I could care less about
    those. I don't care if the cops come I will prospect the cop!

    Mr.officer thanks for coming out its good to see we have such a
    quick police response. Here's my card with all my information on it.
    Do you get accidental death insurance with your job? LOL
    [FONT=&quot]Rather than flyers, invest a little more and make it a door hanger invitation to attend an "evening coffee" where you will educate them about "upcoming changes" in [insert your product here]. Should cost you under $200 to get 1000 door hangers placed. Another $100 for coffee and pastries and you'll get a few rows of prospects willing to hear your presentation. Some will come just for the donuts, so your presentation has to grab attention quickly and keep them in the room.

    If you word your invitation strategically and offer refreshments, and you don't get at least a couple dozen people from a 1K drop, ask the folks who hung the door hangers what dumpster they tossed them in.[/FONT]

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    Re: The End All Be All Door2Door/Door Knocking Thread (mined Gold

    [FONT=&quot]Some old people will just take up ALL your time because they have nothing better to do.

    I would try to qualify up front, on the door step before finding out if it would make sense to spend more time with them.
    [FONT=&quot]Don't rule out door to door. I go door to door a few times a month. I was trained in direct sales with the cable company that I worked for last year. I changed my approach to fit my insurance business. At the door you need to quality to prospect to see if it is a waste of time. Do that and get to the point people have dogs barking, babies crying, online looking at porn..Example " Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening..My name is Peter with XYZ company. I specialize in Health, Life, Dental insurance for individuals and families. I was wondering were you currently doing anything for health, life, or dental insurance? This way depending on what you offer like the cable company you have a variety of products to offer and hit them with. And some people will say yeah we are covered or hey, we were just talking about that (one of the coverages you mentioned) can you tell me more or leave a card?

    Simply put, you gotta go out and introduce yourself to strangers. You can do businesses and residential. Here is a tried-and true approach to the residential setting...

    <knock-knock> Yes?
    "Hi, my name is _____ and I am a _____ with (firm) over on (street). I'm out today meetin' folks, shakin' hands, acting like a politician running for office. (I use the politician line to break the ice and put them at ease that I'm not with the Jehovah's witnesses, etc.)
    "Here is my card." (hand it to them-your first personal contact and a barrier breaker).
    <as they look at your card, go into what you do> "We specialize in CDs, gov't bonds, and corp and tax-free bonds." (whatever you say make it appealing to them, not to you.)

    Now you've told them who are and what you do, so start asking them some questions.
    "How's the GOV'T treatin' you on your taxes?" (-GOV'T, is a word with a bad connotatin to many. The GOV'T has its hand in your pocket, etc. I ask this after mention of tax-free munis.)
    "What kind of rates are you getting on your CDs at the bank?"
    "What rate are you getting on your retirement savings?"

    These questions will probably provoke negative answers like...
    -I HATE taxes.
    -My CDs rates stink.
    -My IRA has recovered from the bear market (or I dunno, I stopped opening the statements)
    I know a guy who than asks, "Well would like to know why you're losing so much?” (sure) "Then allow me a few mins to take a look at things and see if I can pinpoint any problems that I can help you with"

    These were just simple "door openers" to qualify someone. When you are done...
    "You know interest rates are like the weather - they change every day. I get rates out to folks from time to is today’s list (of whatever rates you want to put on it)…would you have any objection if I got rates out to you from time to time? (this question is important because they can say NO but have it be a positive for you).
    "And your name is? (write it down)
    "And the address here is...?"
    "And your phone number? (put your head down, waiting to write it down, 90% of the people will give you their number – REALLY!)

    You might get the objection...
    "Why do you need my tel number if you are just sending out rate updates?" or "I'm on the DNC list"
    You say, "Well when something really important comes across my desk I may need to get in touch with you immediately to let you know about it...I will keep it totally confidential...your number is...?"
    If they could be bold and say, "OK, I can just get it from the directory if I need to contact you" and they may then give it to you.

    ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS end it by telling them,
    "If I see something good, I'll get back in touch with you." (your promise)
    “If I see something good, I’ll get back in touch with you.” (use this phrase instead of “good-bye”. Tell your wife when you leave the house each day. Say it over and over again until you hear it in your sleep.)

    Send a follow up thank you note and before two weeks pass, call them back and start with, "Last time I saw you I SAID IF I SAW SOMETHING GOOD, I'D GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU. (you did promise them right?) And go into your presentation or whatever you might usually do on a cold call. Believe me it ain't easy and it can be harder than cold calling, but it can also be fun. On a nice day, you get out in the fresh air. But the high number of contacts can be hard to achieve if nobody's home. You don't want a neighborhood where everyone is working (but you can go there on Sat's)
    I did not sell any CDs when I was at Jones. For me personally, the script is just as tool I used to get into other areas.

    If you reread the question I use in the script, I say,""What kind of rates are you getting on your CDs at the bank?" I ASSUME they already have CDs. Most people do right? But no matter what answer I get, I can steer the conversation in the direction I want.

    For just a moment, put yourself in the shoes of a retired person.

    Some people say, "My rates stink and my income has taken a hit the last few years." Can you think of an products that can help them solve their problem? Bonds? Fixed or Immediate Annuities?

    Others will answer, "I never buy CDs." Ok, so what do them buy. Bonds? Growth stocks? Dividend paying stocks? Did they lose big in the bear market. Would they like to increase their income? Pay less in taxes? Whatever. I have a response.

    The point is whatever answer they give me, I am prepared with a response to further the conversation towards finding and solving a problem.

    Memorize these numbers: 1560, 780, 720 and 360

    I say to people all the time:
    "How often do you get paid? Every week? So in retirement you will need to pay yourself 1560 paychecks. How close are you to saving a pile of cash big enough to do that?"

    I have never met a person who had any idea how to answer that. That disturbs them A LOT!

    If they can't answer that, they need my help.

    (BTW, the other numbers to memorize are for bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly paychecks).
    [FONT=&quot]I am putting on an average of 8 homes and 15 cars a week exclusively through door knocking. Being independent doesn't hurt either. It's also important to have staff to handle the day to day stuff so you can "hunt" without distractions. You have to realize that everyone needs auto/home insurance and everyone is trying to save money. Say that between doors to stay motivated!
    [FONT=&quot]If you want to door knock after that then you can start off by saying "My name is _____________ and I am with ____________ and I was able to save your neighbor Mr. Smith 35% on his homeowners and he said you might be interested as well. I don't have time to talk to you now because I have another appointment today but I have some time (on Wed's) to get you a quote.
    [FONT=&quot]You need to engage them sooner and have a two way conversation.

    Hi, I'm Billy Baddas and I represent Gold Farm Insurance Company. I'm looking for seniors over age 50 who would love to have some additional life insurance coverage if they could qualify at a very attractive rate.
    Would that describe you or anyone in your household?

    Then let them talk. They will tell you if they are a prospect and what you need to do to sell them if you just listen.
    Door knocking is just like scratching lottery tickets. If you knock on the right door at the right time they were just about to mail a reply card in and buy some insurance.
    People are in denial. If you start trying to convince them they made bad purchase decisions without knowing ANYTHING about what they have, you are just a huckster pitchman (in their mind) and they will give you nothing but resistance.

    It's easier to ask if they want to buy more. Once they tell you they don't need it because they just bought a new policy from LH....THEN you can mention how you just compared another LH policy and that one was higher priced. Because now you have something to work with rather than just fishing.
    [FONT=&quot]1)You need to buy you a filtered list of people..

    2) Ask for them by name when they answer the door

    3) Find you a BRM, make one if you have to and print it on a bright yellow or pink card.. You can find examples of them all over the internet

    4) Theres been debates about how to approach them- Remember you're a salesman with an insurance license. Find what works best for you.

    5) Get you a photo ID badge

    6) I can tell you where your main problem is:

    ""Hi. My name is Robert Schember and I represent First Financial Insurance Group. We've found that most people are overpaying for their life insurance benefits. Do you have just a few moments so I can show you how I may be able to help you fix your current coverage?"

    The whole thing above- that's whats causing you to fail

    For 1, drop the First Finacial stuff.. use FFIG instead if you have too.. cut out the overpaying line..Don't give them an option to close the door on you that soon.. "Do you have a few..." Don't give them that line until you have peeked their interest in some way...

    I always call people by their first name- its more personal, some have said it's disrespectful.. I disagree- You want that person at the door to think that you know them on a personal level.

    Here's a much better approach:

    Example name.. Madeline Harris:

    Never ask them if they are Madeline.. assume they are.. they will tell you if they are or not...

    "Hi Madeline, My name is Rob Schember, Did you receive a card like this that explains your SS benefits (show BRM) "

    They're gonna say no and ask what its about...

    It's at this time that will determine how good you are...
    [FONT=&quot]I go door to door, all day, every day.

    Your making it way too complicated.

    The approach is very simple:

    Hi, my name is XXX and I am the local insurance agent that services this area. I have a couple of clients in this area and they tell me that a lot of individuals have either x or y company and I can probably save you around 40% on your current monthly cost.

    They will either talk or they won't.

    Nobody cares who you are with, the only thing the prospect is interested in is:

    1) What are you doing at my door?
    2) Can you help me solve a problem?

    You will be amazed at the responses I get.
    [FONT=&quot]Go out cold. No one gets offended. I knock DNC's since no one can call them. They'e not getting bombarded every half hour with an agent calling & asking about medicare. At the door I ask if they've made any decision about medicare; the answer will be yes, no or looking. Reply appropriately, but I usually ask if it's ok to give them a call to see what their schedule looks like next week. That way I now have them off the DNC for the next 90 days since I have their permission to call them. Sometimes I get an invite in right there & once & a while write a sup at the same time. At the very least I call & set an appt. Works great. Just remember, it's like being on the phone - it's a numbers game. Sometimes you're the bug & sometimes you're the windshield. But if you do it consistantly it's a winner.
    [FONT=&quot]Door[/FONT][FONT=&quot] to door definitely works. Like it was said in a previous post "you just have to have the right attitude." and that is definitely the truth.

    I have found, on the rare occasion that an appointment is not home, that just walking up the street and knocking on each and every door is the best approach. I have also found that the more inclement the weather, the more receptive the people are to listen to you.

    I simply say something like this:

    Hello Mr/Mrs. Jones my name is ________ and I work with________ here in __________. Almost always at this point I get invited into the home. At which I say " I am sorry that I just dropped by uninvited, but I promise next time you will know I am coming" I have had only a couple of people at this pint make a remark like " who says your coming back," but I would just laugh it off.

    Within just a few minutes of telling them what you do, you should be able to pick up on their "hot button". After finding their hot button and having some meaningful conversation with them. I simply say "Again I do apologize for dropping over uninvited, I am going to back in your area on this day, would it be ok if I drop off some information on__________ and answer any question that you may have.

    I do not always get a yes, but I have made a connection. If the answer is no I will tell them " I know your time is valuable and the last thing I want to do is to waste mine and your time, so the next time I am going to be over this way I will call you to make sure that you guys are going to be home. is that fair? This whole business is about relationship building, after a couple of visits like I just mentioned you will be in the hunt to offer them some good annuity rates or something else of value. I hope this helps; Happy Hunting and good luck..
    [FONT=&quot]Cloverleaf the businesses around where you have an appointment. Once your appointment is finished, then I would visit the immediate two or three businesses next to them.

    Be honest. Today's business owners are busy, and rather sophisticated in the ways of being called on by someone they don't know.

    Go in with absolutely nothing, except your business cards, a small pad of paper that fits in your pocket, and a pen.

    (open the door)

    "Hi, I'm Bob Levine.

    Who would I need to stay in touch with, to talk about business insurance needs? (before they protest - hold your hand up and say) I know that you weren't sitting around waiting for me to stop by.

    Just wanted to make an introduction. Who can I call back and ask for, or send information to?"

    Don't try to B.S.

    Don't try to sell.

    Don't try to impress.

    Make sure you ask for the correct spelling and pronunciation.

    If you get, "What type of insurance do you sell?"

    respond with:

    Everything you got, and some you might not. What, in particular, would you be interested in seeing some information on?

    If they ask you to leave something with them, other than your card, respond with:

    I don't have that readily available. Like I said, I just finished working with (fill in prospect/clients name), and only brought that information with me. I just stopped in here to simply make an introduction. That's how business relationships are formed. Someone has to say Hello first, right?

    I'd be more than happy to put something together. When would be a good time to call back? Or, is there any chance we could talk now, for a few minutes?
    [FONT=&quot]I rented and watched the movie "Door to Door" with William H Macy, 2002. (I ordered the DVD and the book his assistant wrote on Amazon this evening also)

    He portrays Bill Porter, a door to door salesman from Portland Oregon. Bill has Cerebral Palsy and doesn't let it stop him from being a successful salesman. CEREBRAL PALSY!!

    But wait, there's more. This is based on a true story!!

    Watkins Online

    If you do not rent this movie you are crazy!! This is not to be missed.

    The amazing thing is, Bill Porter does the following in the movie:[/FONT]
    • [FONT=&quot]He assumes the sale[/FONT]
    • [FONT=&quot]He asks for the order[/FONT]
    • [FONT=&quot]He looks for a need to fill[/FONT]
    • [FONT=&quot]He promotes the benefits of the product[/FONT]
    • [FONT=&quot]He genuinely cares about people[/FONT]
    • [FONT=&quot]He does not make excuses[/FONT]
    • [FONT=&quot]He had patience and perseverance[/FONT]
    • [FONT=&quot]He serviced his customers[/FONT]
    • [FONT=&quot]He upsells additional products[/FONT]
    • [FONT=&quot]He succeeds, best in the company at one point[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]And while you can read on the site what was hollywoodized, the real Bill Porter didn't achieve his success by accident.
    he did not blame his handicap, he did not blame the leads, he did not blame anyone, he just did it!

    If you're not succeeding there's your checklist!
    [FONT=&quot]One idea I came up with is going door to door. It would be a simple introduction possibly with a door hanger if they are not home. I would simply say "I am a local life insurance agent and I'm trying to get out of the office and meet the people in my community. I offer life insurance planning for individuals and businesses. [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Would you be interested in setting a time that is convenient for you to have me do a quick insurance needs..."

    If they say yes, you should tell you would be happy to do it now if they aren't too busy. That it will only takes a few minutes for them to get added piece of mind about their policies.
    [FONT=&quot]"I am a local life insurance agent and I'm trying to get out of the office and meet the people in my community. I offer life insurance planning for individuals and businesses. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to review your current life insurance plans. Would you object to letting me review your current plan?"

    A common reply to this is something to the fact that they don't think they need it reviewed, a waste of time, etc.

    To which I reply.

    "I understand that you don't think it would be worth our time, as do many of my clients before I get a chance to look into it. But I wanted to know if you would object to letting me review your current insurance plans.
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    Re: The End All Be All Door2Door/Door Knocking Thread (mined Gold

    Good stuff you posted. Goes to show that all your hardworking pays off in the long run
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    Re: The End All Be All Door2Door/Door Knocking Thread (mined Gold

    The cold-calling door to door that I have done, has worked well by surveying. With an insurance agency it would go something like this:

    Knock knock
    Hi, I'm Scott Burke from the Burke Insurance Agency. I'm out today passing out our company inkpens (hand her a pen) and asking if you would mind answering a 5-question survey. (Most are happy to)

    Questions you can try:
    1. How long have you lived in the area?
    2. Do you have dependents that rely on your support?
    3. If you own life insurance, was it bought through a local agent?
    4. Would you consider your insurance policies to be very structured and organized or random and confusing?
    5. (Ask a question that will stimulate their interest) Are you aware that insurance premiums have reduced on some types of life insurance (term) in recent years? Are you familiar with Indiana's Partnership Program for Long-Term Care? Are you comfortable with your knowlege about Medicare Suppliments and Medicare Advantage Plans? Are you aware that Insurance companies now offer a retirement product that is so good that many banks are often recommending it over CDs for many people?

    Questions like these will invite discussion in a non-threating mannar. You can follow-up with:
    From some of the things we have just talked about, I can see that I may be able to help you. I would like to set a time at your convenience to meet with you and your husband for 15-minutes and explain what I do and how I may be a benefit to you. Would it be OK to meet...

    Three things can happen:
    Yes - set the appointment
    No - No interest at all
    Wait (this includes "thinking about it" "we might be moving, switching jobs" "don't call us, we'll call you" "I need to talk to my mother, sister, husband, doctor, etc." - Lots of these, and this is where a good database and follow-up system will turn you into a sales superstar.
    [FONT=&quot]I was taught not to give them something to say no at in the beginning so I would walk in and introduce that I was from NYL.

    1. I know your busy so I don't want to take any of your time.

    2. I'm just handing out information. They take it.

    3. Can I have a card? I grab the card. (This is where I can see how busy they are and how open they are to talking)

    4. If they're busy I just say, have a good day and come back later. Once they see me a couple of times they know how hard a worker I am.

    5. I spend so much time on each business client because I'm looking at doing all of their investments - not just term. If I was just selling term I wouldn't be able to eat or spend so much time coming back to all the businesses.

    6. People don't decline you. They decline the time. So I wait patiently until these business owners need me.
    [FONT=&quot]That is more like an appointment fact finder than a door to door survey. The purpose of a door to door survey is just to engage them quickly and qualify if they are a prospect or not.

    I used to door knock for FE sales very successfully.

    I would knock on the door. Explain who I am, who I'm with and that I'm out knocking on doors in their neighborhood today to raise community awareness about what we do. Then I would hand them a NICE quality pen with our info on it.

    Then you ask "Do you have time to answer a short 3 question survey?" they ALWAYS said yes unless they were a true ass.

    1. How long have you lived in the Evansville area?* * They would ramble on about where all they have lived. Didn't really matter.

    2. Do you own cemetery property?* *Most do. They will tell you all about buying when a parent, child, spouse or sibling died. They bought it years ago when it was real cheap compared to today and that gives you an opportunity to compliment them for planning ahead.

    3. How confident are you that you have everything in order that if you died today, your children or spouse would know exactly what to do and have final expense funds available within two or three days of your death?

    The third question can be modified for what you are looking for; save taxes, avoid probate, etc.

    The whole key to my approach is that YOU are talking to someone in a non-threatening way and basically screening their personality and level of interest in talking to you. What the exact questions are don't really matter as long as it doesn't take but a minute and allows you to size them up, and they to size you up and you either set an appointment or you don't.

    I made a fair number of sales doing this. I was very green when I did it. I would sell more today. I invented this who approach and script and my upline at the time didn't believe in it. Talked me out of doing it even though it worked. I told you I was green.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I'll continue on a bit about what I see as the flaws with your survey. First it's too long.

    But right off the bat you are going to bring their guard up and make them defend their position.

    Do you own life insurance? Yeah, Bub. I got plenty. What's it to ya?* It's too obvious from the very first question that you are going to try to sell them life insurance. You're not uncovering a need, you are pitching a sale (in their mind.)

    Compare that to my first question. How long have you lived in this area? What is that selling? Where is this going? People like to talk about where they lived and why they are here and who else lives here near them. I've had people talk 15 minutes on that question and not come up for air.

    2nd question. Do you own cemetery property?* *Who asks that? Why is that important?* It's a non threatening question for most people. It tells you whether they are a planner or not. It tells you whether they plan to live here the rest of their life. It tells you whether they need to be shipped somewhere when they die which is MORE of a reason to plan the details as well as the expense. And it gets them mentally thinking that they will die someday which we are all in denial of most days.

    3rd question is the one to figure out if they recognize a problem. You are a problem solver standing on their porch, not a life insurance pitchman.
    I'm sure my approach can be improved on. But I think it's a good start.

    I hope it helps.
    [FONT=&quot]You need to learn the difference between an approach and a fact-finding session.

    An approach is a way to qualify people if they have a need, want and can afford a solution to a problem. Remember that life insurance is a solution to a problem. So probe for problems that you can solve, not for problems within the prospect's existing product solutions that they already have.

    Fact-finding is about the feelings and facts to help you design a proper solution. It's more in-depth and takes more time. Your "survey" is a cross between the two. It seems more in-depth in some areas, and more like a quiz in others.

    If you're going to go door-to-door, then I would focus on the #1 reason why people buy life insurance - to cover a mortgage. I would ask a series of questions designed to get the prospect emotionally involved.

    Do you have a mortgage? (Yes or no) (Don't assume that everyone in every home is a homeowner. Some people rent houses too. Since you're just going door-to-door, you don't know.)

    Do you have insurance in place to pay off your mortgage for your family if something happened to you or your spouse? (People often won't do things for themselves, unless you give them a reason to act on behalf of someone else. Emphasize this.)

    How do you feel about that?

    Do you feel it's important?

    If I can help you get the coverage you need to protect your family on an affordable basis, would it be worth sitting down and talking about? (Think about it - would you ever recommend an unaffordable solution?)

    They will come up with objections. But they are typically a "knee-jerk" reaction to being asked about life insurance. Help them think through what they are really saying.

    "My wife can get remarried" - I understand. Do you want your wife to be financially forced to be remarried, or do you want it to be her choice?

    "My wife can go back to work." - I understand. Why isn't she working now? Do you want her to be financially forced to go back to work or stay home with the kids? Could she earn the same amount you are earning now?

    "It's too expensive." I understand. If I can help you obtain the coverage you need and keep the costs down low, would it be worth talking about?

    "I already have life insurance." I understand. (figure out your own response to this one. I'd probably focus more on an ongoing income stream even after the house is paid off.)

    "I'm already covered through my work." I understand. (figure out your own response to this one. Focus on the temporary aspect of group term insurance - that it's only as good as long as you work there.)

    "I don't need insurance now. My kids are grown and I'll probably retire in the next couple of years." (I'd focus on the nature of social security and what happens upon the death of the 1st spouse.)

    Have a conversation with people and build a friendly relationship with them. Help them to smile and feel comfortable talking with you.

    If you interrogate them and quiz them about what they have, they may feel uncomfortable... but not because of their situation. They'll feel uncomfortable because of you. Don't "interrogate" them. Most people have absolutely no clue about what they have - if they have anything.
    Then, when you have someone who seems like a decent prospect, I'd probably say something like this:

    "Let me share with you a little on how I do business. I see myself more as a consultant than as a salesperson. Your problems are my problems that I will help you solve. I'm not going to try to sell you anything during our first appointment together. I'll only take a few moments to learn about your situation and see if we can come up with an affordable strategy. You stay in control and can judge me and my work for yourself. On that basis, can we get together and talk for a while?"
    [FONT=&quot]The only question I have is how do you transition into asking for an appointment after your 3 question survey....literally, how do you ask for the appointment/consultation, etc?[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Once you've asked them how comfortable they are with their current planning it is just natural conversation from there. Most people KNOW they have no plan and their spouse/kids have no guidance to follow. If they acknowledge that and have the type personality that they see it as a problem, you explain that is exactly what you help people with.

    There is no script for this part because no two conversations go exactly the same.
    1. [FONT=&quot]I welcome negative responses. The straight forward questions let them know that I am up front, and I have the attitude when asking them that I am here to resolve issues. You dont like door to door sales agents! Great! I dont like them that much either. BTW, I am not a sales man. I dont necessarily say all of that, but it is my attitude. Works great for me anyway.
    [FONT=&quot]The questions are designed to open the door for negative responses. By welcoming objections, you set yourself as a problem solver rather than a sales person.

    Shockingly, at least my area, 85% of everyone I have surveyed so far prefer an Agent to come out to their house, or at least meet with them face to face.

    Approximately 90% of everyone I have surveyed say that they do not mind door to door sales agents.

    60% say that they believe most insurance agents are out for the interests of their customer.
    40% say about 50% of the agents really care about the customer.

    Still.....I am seeing that people still percieve the insurance agent as a caring professional. I see that people trust them, and they prefer to do business with the agent in their home.

    At least in my area! These answers encourage me to get up the next morning.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    BTW.....regardless of the answers, I still ask for the appointment. You never know what you can cross sell. Even an accident policy, or a cancer policy.
    [FONT=&quot]In most cases you will always be a BOTHER to them. At least within the first 30 seconds. You have to sell in stages. Here they go for me.

    Stage 1 -
    I sell the survey....they buy when they give me 2 minutes of their time.

    Stage 2 -
    I sell the second appointment. I will be in the area on xyz day. I have a time open at 10:00. May I provide a free quote. They are already a customer. They have bought from me before, so why not. They buy when they give up 1 hour of their time for my free needs analysis and quote.

    Stage 3-
    Well since they have bought from me two other times, here goes the opportunity to become my customer the third time when I ask for the sale.

    The biggest mistakes most sales agents make is trying to go straight to Stage 3. In most cases they fail. Trust is the biggest factor in the closing process. The survey allows me the opportunity to start building trust before I ever get to the appointment.

    Before you think so, I have duds and appointments cancel just like everyone else. It doesn't work on everyone. The process works enough to keep using it.
    [FONT=&quot]Ok when you doing this survey it is important to approach the door in a different way you would normally approach the door. This forum does not allot me the ability to train you on how I do it. However, if you approach the door as a sales person, the door is going to be closed differently. One hint I will share here.

    I go to the door like I work for the US Census, or CANA, Or some other organization doing a survey. It is not dishonest to do this and perfectly legal, I am seriously interested in gathering information to see how people think and react in my given area about financial planning. You are NO LONGER AN INSURANCE SALES MAN/WOMAN AT THIS POINT! You are a fact finder, and asking them to help you gather the facts.

    I say something like this: Hi, my name is Mike and we are calling upon citizens in the Arkansas county area. We are doing a short survey that will only take 2 minutes or less. I use the assumptive close and go straight to the first question. I do not tell them I am an Insurance agent until they have answered question 10. I then hand them a card, and explain how my business is different from the others. I then ask for the appointment.

    I think the biggest mistake here is that some are attempting to be a salesman at the door. The prospect can pick up on it, and you are out of there!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    One More Hint! GET A CLIP BOARD! Take nothing (I mean nothing to the door) but the clip board, and a pen. I guess you can put some cards in your pocket, but only if you are going to give it to them after they answer question 10, while you are asking for the sale.
    BTW, I haven't even been giving away the free financial planning guides. The results were the same, so I stopped offering them. I know this works.
    [FONT=&quot]When they say Who is it. I usually respond with, "Oh its Mike." or "Mr. Matos" something of that sort. I like the "Oh its Mike" best because then they feel stupid in most cases. They rarely continue to yell Mike Who? They usually always answer the door. I act like they already know me. I act like they are being rude by not opening the door to me. Which they are being rude.
    [FONT=&quot]Financial Planning Survey

    Hi, my name is Mike. I am conducting a short 10 question survey to evaluate how people feel about Financial planning for the future. In return for participating in the survey I want to provide you with this free Final Wishes Planning Guide.

    Name_________________________ Marital Status________________________________________

    1. How Long Have You Lived In The ________ County Area?____________________________
    2. What is the size of you family?___________________________________________ _______
    3. Do You Own Cemetery property?_________________________________________ _______
    4. How important is planning for the future to you?____________________________________
    5. Do you believe an individual can leave their family too much Life Insurance?_____________
    6. How Do you feel about door to door sales agents?___________________________________
    7. What is your primary choice when purchasing Insurance or Financial products? (Telephone, Office, Door To Door Agent)____________________________________________ _______
    8. Do you feel that the purchase of Life Insurance is a wise choice, or a waste of money?____________________________________________ ______________________________
    9. Do you feel that most Insurance Agents are out for their personal interests rather than the interests of their customer?_________________________________________ _____________
    10. Do you have enough money in savings that would replace your salary or the salary of your spouse if you lost your job because you were diagnosed with a critical illness?______________
    11. How confident are you that you have everything in order that if you died today, your children or spouse would know exactly what to do and have final expense funds available within two or three days of your death?____________________________________________ ____________

    Thanks for taking the time Mr./Mrs. ______ to answer these questions.

    Would you mind if I contacted you in a few days to evaluate your current policies and/or offer some free quotes?___________________________________________ _____________________________

    Address______________________________________ Age__________________________________
    Tobacco_________________________ Current Health Conditions_____________________________
    Telephone number___________________________ email:___________________________________
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    Re: The End All Be All Door2Door/Door Knocking Thread (mined Gold

    Very useful information. I appreciate your effort, very well written .
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    Re: The End All Be All Door2Door/Door Knocking Thread (mined Gold

    Now all one has to do is pick one (or a combination) and run with it.:yes:
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    South Carolina
    Re: The End All Be All Door2Door/Door Knocking Thread (mined Gold

    Fantastic thread. When our town got Verizon FIOS a few years back, did they send mailers? No. Did they telemarket? No. They hired a door to door crew who canvassed the area quite a few times over a 2 two year period.

    Now why would Verizon (worth billions) send a door to door crew over other forms of advertising?
  9. Justin Bilyj

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    Re: The End All Be All Door2Door/Door Knocking Thread (mined Gold

    I think in this day and age, the way technology has alienated the populace, how the older generation has seen the young generation dissapear into the internet, its refreshing to see people go d2d, being f2f.

    I would like to do this type of thread but with cold calling, FE, and B2B...
    Btw, thanks to John P, I forgot to give him props, he has built a foundation here and on other sites for going b2b, d2d...
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    Re: The End All Be All Door2Door/Door Knocking Thread (mined Gold

    People here really need to be members of their local chamber of commerce to see what all other micro-business owners do to generate business.

    It's all old school techniques. The "internets" are not capable of generating business for most of these owners. We sometimes thing that business owner with big marketing budgets don't have to dig in and work to get off the ground, but the owner of a Super Suppers here went out business to business with flyers.

    If you watch Shark Tank, almost every shark asks the same question; "Have you cold called? Have you walked into businesses? Have you tried calling companies to tell them about your product?"

    I watched it yesterday. Every shark shot this one owner down only because they had not cold called businesses; "If you don't believe in it then neither do we."

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