They Say "The Life Settlement Market is Heating Up"

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    A recent article, The Life Settlement Market is Heating Up dated Feb. 17, 2017 By Robin S. Weinberger and Peter N. Katz offers current commentary on the Secondary Life Settlement Market.

    The general overview is that as more baby boomers and senior consumers begin to solely rely on their retirement savings and SSI, they are facing shortfalls in funding their retirement and health care needs. Additionally, as these consumers age into the "sweet spot" for buyers, the needs for maintaining life insurance simultaneously decrease.

    Investors are aware of this financial shortfall as well as lack of policy need and have opened their purchase parameters as well as improved processes to make the transaction more efficient for these consumers and their advisers.

    If you serve this client segment, you owe it to your client and your practice to be aware of the opportunities for these consumers.

    Further, in a highly regulated market (42 states regulate LS transactions, covering 90% of the population) you ought to keep current on compliance requirements as well!

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