Thinking about a career in Insurance

Aug 14, 2007

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    Hello my name is Amber, I am 23 years old and I am currently living between MD and Northern VA. Right now I am working as a Medication Technician for a Developmentally Disabled Individual Company and to be honest it is burning me out and I feel like I need to make a career change... I have for quite some time been considering a career in health insurance, but unfortunately I just don't know where to begin. Something about selling health insurance policies has always been interesting to me because I, myself have many health conditions and I have always found it difficult to find an insurance company that is right and affordable.

    I have been hearing and reading things such as I need a college degree to work for most companies and that even though I may get licensed in VA in order to sell a policy or product in MD I would need to also be licensed in the state of MD as well? I know there are websites for licensing and preparation tests online but I want to make sure I am doing all this the right way first before I sign myself up for any of the classes. Any information you can give me will be most welcome. I look forward to reading posts on this forum and better understanding the world of Insurance Agents.

    Ambear, Aug 14, 2007
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    First you need to make sure you have 6 years of college.