This Email Came Today, UHC Commission Schedule Has No Information on It

Oct 7, 2016

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    Did anyone else contracted with UnitedHealth One get this email:

    "According to our records, we show you as having an appointment with a UnitedHealthcare company which enables you to write Marketplace policies for UnitedHealthcare in either New York or Virginia or both states.

    The Marketplace Commission Schedule for the 2017 plan year has been posted on the broker portal, E-Store. To review your commission schedule, go to, login with your National Producer Number (NPN) and then choose the "Licensing and Commissions" tab located on the top menu bar.

    The commission schedule applies to new 2017 ACA business sold during the Open Enrollment Period starting November 1, 2016, as well as commissions for existing business in the states of New York and Virginia. The posted schedule applies to premiums received for coverage periods starting January 1, 2017."

    I went to the site, did what they said and it listed carriers for STM on one doc and UHC of various states on the 2nd doc, with no explanation of what the list meant, and no % or $ amounts indicated. Not, we are paying nothing or we are paying $____ amount, or ____%. It only says commission is paid to the person I designated to receive it. What commission is not clear, if any, that will be paid.

    I wasn't planning on commissions for individual plans, just on STM from UHOne. Didn't write any other than STM.
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    The commission for both state will be $0. Also Allsavers on the group side starting Septebmer first for Alternate funding and Fully Insured is $0 per employee per month. Just saw it tonight.