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Feb 23, 2018

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    In 2018, it is so important to understand how social media ties into your clients lives. They are there, so you want to be there.

    By using Facebook ads, you can target your ideal customer so much easier than you can if you use direct mail, telemarketing, or if you purchase leads.

    Using ads properly, along with technology allows your clients to consume content from you faster, understand your services quicker, and trust you sooner. All insurance sales occur AFTER these criteria are met.

    Automation allows you to have your perfect clients waiting for you to help them and I want to share how you can do this for your agency as well.

    Please download our free playbook here and as a bonus, we'll send you information on our 3-part video series covering the 7 reasons you should be running Facebook ads, the 5 reasons agents fail at running Facebook ads, and the top 8 tools we are using in 2018.

    See you at the top,

    John Daniel Farlow, CEO & Founder
    The Modern Insurance Store

    Get Your Free Copy Here!
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