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May 31, 2008

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    When I was around 6, my dad shared with me one of his universal truths. The wisdom he shared with me was, "in order to learn anything, I needed to listen to those who knew more than I did and to use the knowledge wisely."
    It has dawned on me now what he meant. I could have avoided some unnecessary anxieties and saved a lot of money if I had listened to and learned from those who have gone before me. So I come seeking wisdom and great ideas on how to build a successful and profitable career as an independent agent. Your help, ideas and suggestions will be appreciated. I have been in sales (b2b) all of my business career, recently retired but needing supplemental income to continue in the lifestyle my husband has grown to appreciate. I enjoy sales and am a true believer that those who have insurance coverage are fortunate; and those that don't yet have coverage, will be fortunate... cause we're in town.
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    I went into the business at 58, almost 4 years now, with a strong sales background. I've made the rounds and settled into the senior market since I can help them understand their options. There are opportunities to help them preserve their retirement funds and would appreciate a thoughtful and knowledgeable agent who represents many companies.

    Good luck
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    Your husband sounds like a smart guy to have married you. If it were me I would read, study, and learn. Pour over this forum and any others you can find (I have learned alot from other forums as well). Once you have a feel for the direction you want to go find an agency or company to hook up with an than go for it. Be sure to hook up with a good company. This is very important some of the outfits out there can make you waste a lot of time, energy, and money.

    You may make more in a second carreer than you ever dreamed. The potential is there.
    xrac, May 31, 2008