Three Years Licensed, I Feel Like I'm Just Getting Started

Discussion in 'Getting Started Selling Insurance' started by gecko787, Sep 2, 2017.

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    I've had my license for three years, although I feel like I'm just getting started honestly now.

    A few key points about me:

    I know life insurance very well. I know how to explain it. I feel like I develop a pretty good connection with the client when I'm sitting in front of them, and I feel that I do a pretty good job of providing them great service.

    My downfalls:

    I never learned how to prospect appropriately. Sure, I mention casually to people what it is that I do, but I have yet to fully develop on that past the point of "oh ok" with almost everybody. I have been able to close a handful within my circle of acquaintances, but there are several more, and I have no idea how to approach them. My "warm" market is pretty much untouched because I have yet to reach out to 80% of them and talk to them straight up about life insurance.

    I'd like to find out from some of these seasoned vets on here how it is that I should go about tapping into those I know.

    Another downfall, I am scared of the phone. Sure, I make phone calls, and I feel ok doing them, but every time I pick it up, I get anxious, and I know that shows because I have not closed a single sale over the phone. Scratch that. I have closed, but the policies never get placed in force, and once I hang up with them, it's almost impossible to get them back on the phone. They don't get the exams done, they all of a sudden have someone who offered them something better, etc, etc.

    I know there are more things wrong with my approach, and I am willing to fix them. But I know those are the two that are hurting me the most. If any of the gurus on here can shed some light on how I can cure these ailments, it would all be greatly appreciated.

    I love this business, and I love what we do for people. I want to be successful in it, and I have found so many great threads on here, that I decided to create one for myself to see if I get the same type of great responses I've seen for others.

    I know some of you are not the sugar coating kind, and I'm ok with that, willing to take it all in without a problem. Just really, REALLY, want to start seeing success in my practice
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    Since you mentioned getting exams done, I'm going to assume that you're selling fully underwritten policies rather than final expense or other simplified issue solutions. If I'm wrong, you'll want to head over to the final expense forum for tips in that method of doing business.

    First, I hate the phone too. For me, the phone is a follow-up tool, or the tool to connect with referrals, NOT a tool to make first contact to introduce yourself. If I see a number on my phone and I don't recognize it, I don't answer it. I suspect it's generally that way most of the time. I think cold-calling by phone... is dead.

    If you want to make the phone your primary source of prospecting, you'll probably want to get a dialer and make up in numbers for what you lack in skills. There are people on this forum that could help you with that.

    Or... you can take a different approach.

    Regarding friends and family... I'm indifferent to it all. So many firms tout that it's the way to go... but seeing the industry failure rate tells me that it isn't.

    Friends and family and anyone else you know... should be a SECONDARY marketing tactic, not a primary one. In fact, it works FAR BETTER if you're already seeing success and the people you're meeting with happen to 'remind you of someone you know', so you thought you'd make a call and take them out to lunch and show them the work you do. No cost, no obligation, and you can deduct the meal for business purposes.

    Remember: A no is not a no, until you know that they know what they are saying no to.

    Plus, people you know also know your entire history with them. Parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents... all remember when they used to change your diapers, that they might not take you seriously regarding personal finance, until OTHERS are taking your advice and you are prospering. (Yeah, my family is like that.)

    Now, what do you talk about in order to get people to want to meet with you?
    - If you talk about products... they won't meet with you. They'll say "Oh, okay, that's nice and good that you're doing that."
    - If you talk about common problems that most people have and how you help them to solve THEIR problems... they just might say "Do you think you could help me too?" And your response would simply be "Let's get together and talk and let's find out."

    Your professional introduction should really talk about the problems you help people with, not a menu of products you sell.

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