Time for a change

May 21, 2008

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    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Mike. I live in South Carolina and have 10 years experience in Health Insurance Customer Service and a few more in Hospital Administration. Now I am looking to make a change into sales.

    I have been lurking for a few days now. It has been helpful in helping me avoid some companies. I think I have good sales skills and am willing to put in the time and effort to hopefully make this work.

    I have been interviewing with a few companies in the past week including Bankers, USHealth Group and Sterling. Hopefully I will have a couple of more next week. I am also going to take my course for my license.

    The information on the site has been very valuable. Hopefully I will have good news to post in the weeks to come.
    Guest, May 21, 2008
  2. GreenSky

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    You mean the good news that saved money on your auto insurance?:D

    Welcome to the site.

    GreenSky, May 21, 2008
  3. Mr. Bill

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    Yeah, where is that gecko when you need him?

    You've 'stumbled' on a great site with lots of information, someone recommended a while back to take a serious weekend or so reading informative posts - great advice.

    Good luck to you!!!
    Mr. Bill, May 22, 2008