Tips: Generating More Consistent Referrals

Mar 31, 2008

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    I thought I'd post the following to share and encourage

    There is one common, single factor to generating more relationships and referrals from others, more consistently. And the people who grasp this concept, become phenomenal at generating enormous referrals.

    Phenomenal at working less, earning more money, having more freedom in their lives.

    And phenomenal at having high quality prospects (referrals) seek them out.

    So what is this concept? What is this factor?

    Cultivating relationships.

    Sadly, though, most people are lazy in follow-up.

    You can never cultivate if you don't follow-up.

    I suspect most people know they need to do this, but they're zombies about it. Or they figure it's too long of a process, or they have nothing of value to contact someone (again) about.

    It's not about being a pest. It's about spending time building relationships with others rather than you hiding-out behind rocks (like your office or home).

    You can never expect your network of people to generate any results, let alone yield tremendous new relationships and business, if your not cultivating people.

    So what's my definition of cultivation?

    Answer: Looking for opportunities to add value to others lives. And this involves everyone in your circles — personal/social and professional.
    What are some methods to cultivating a relationship?

    Well, let me say that you're only limited by your imagination — both personally and professionally.

    Here are a few approaches:

    1. Send articles of interest to others with a handwritten note.
    2. Invite a person to provide their opinion on a situation you are facing.
    3. Ask someone to serve in an advisory/accountability/mentor fashion to you.
    4. Call people and offer advice and suggestions freely. Use the phrass, "Oh by the way, I thought you would like to know…"
    5. Keep a visible list of names and telephone numbers each day, to reinforce items #1-#4.

    The bottom line with all of these?

    Outward action on your part.

    If you're already doing these things, good job!
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    Good post. Besides doing some of the activities above, also have a system in place to give scheduled calls. At a minimum, once a year to review their coverage, but you can call more often if you would like, such as a birthday.
    Delta76, Mar 31, 2008
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    In the words of Floyd the Barber, "oooh that's nice."

    Good thread.