Tips on Finding a Runner

Nov 9, 2015

  1. SmartWorker

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    Looking for some tips on how to find a runner to go to the RMV (what we call the DMV in Mass) and process registrations for my clients.

    I've recently had success with a couple of local dealerships getting them to call me when their customers need auto insurance. Massachusetts has no temporary registrations and an insurance stamp is required to process the registration so their customers cannot drive the car away until the insurance is bound.

    Process goes like this: Dealer calls me, I get the customer's info and run a quote. Once the customer approves, I email a pre-filled and stamped copy of a registration form to the dealer to expedite their process. The rub is getting that form to the RMV along with the title paperwork. I know other agencies use runners to get this work done and customer pays the runner directly.

    This would be a huge help to my dealership contacts, but I don't know where to get started in looking for someone. I've contacted a couple of courier companies without any luck.
  2. HCCIA

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    Just get a retired person looking for a little extra cash. RMV/runner is pretty brainless. Just make sure you have all the necessary forms and give detailed instructions. Make sure they have a cell phone if they run into any problems.
    HCCIA, Nov 11, 2015