TriVysta: Protection, Growth, and Income for Today’s Savvy Retiree

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    In today’s indexed annuity market, annuities are often classified as either an “income product” or a “growth product.” Part of this comes from product design; most of it, however, comes from lower caps and rates on annuities that are marketed as income products. This often leaves clients in a situation where they feel that they have to give up guarantees to maintain strong growth, or give up strong growth to guarantee higher income. Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer your clients an indexed annuity that allows them to earn a truly competitive rate of return along with an aggressive roll-up?

    Emphasis Advisors is proud to introduce TriVysta from Guggenheim Life and Annuity, a limited distribution, game-changing FIA that is breathing an air of excitement into what has become a stale environment. As a Guggenheim Elite Partner, we are excited to be one of the select few marketing groups to offer TriVysta. Here’s a few reasons why -

    • 10 Year Surrender Period, 10% Declining Surrender Charges
    • Two Never Before Seen Managed Indexing Methodologies From Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley, and a Traditional S&P Index
    • Income Account Roll-Up of 4% + Any Indexed Interest Earned for 20 Years
    • Income Account Roll-Up DOES NOT STOP After Income Begins, GREATLY Increasing the Potential For Increasing Lifetime Income Payments
    • 10% Income Account Bonus
    • Competitive, Gender-Based Payout Factors
    • Limited Distribution - Offer Something Your Competitors Can’t!
    • Competitive Commissions

    Just as the name TriVysta implies, it truly is three products in one. It features a traditional S&P index, introduces two exciting managed indexing methodologies with a proven track record, and offers a unique income roll-up strategy that continues even after lifetime income payments begin. Many of today’s retirees want the protection that an annuity offers, but are afraid of giving up the competitive returns they’re used to from the market. TriVysta has the sizzle to make your clients excited about annuities. They now have the ability to protect their savings while maintaining the potential for a truly competitive rate of return.

    At Emphasis Advisors, we believe that your success is our success. To help jump start your success with TriVysta, we are offering a free Agent Makeover for contracting with Guggenheim through Emphasis Advisors. This includes credibility packages, brochures, advertising, logo, and website design, seminar slides, and much more. Call us today at 1-888-664-4366 to get contracted with Guggenheim and complete details on how to get your Agent Makeover. We’re eager to share TriVysta with you as we know this is a product that will excite your clients. Don’t get left behind, call today or click here so you can be the first to offer TriVysta to your clients!
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