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Jul 30, 2015

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    This is an update to my previous post*. I am not allowed to link to it on this forum because it says I need at least 20 posts so someone will have to post the link to it or click my profile to read it my first posts. Summary: I am a new agent with AIL and I posted about it at the time and this is my update post.

    I have been with AIL since signing my contract and I honestly don't see why people have such negative impressions of the company. I rode around with my manager and he made me over $1000+ before I was released on my own. The training and managers have been extremely supportive. I was given great leads, referrals, and I have only ordered a lead pack for myself yesterday.

    Last week, I had an advance of $1,346.40 and a $215.30 bonus for a total deposit of $1561.70. I'll make over $1000 this week and I already have another $1000 for next week before it begins because of 3 sales that I placed on hold to give the families time to get paid before their first payment. I also have some telecheck rejected business from last week that may come through this week too. My first appointment today is for 10:30am in kenner for 40,000 whole life, A71, and a cancer policy. I am posting this at 7:44am my central time.

    Most of my business was done in laplace, saint rose, and destrehan. I live in Metairie and I have only worked leads for Metairie and kenner that I got from leads I have seen in other areas. I have not tried to sell a single family member, friend, network, or anyone I know yet.

    I said I would give an update on my progress so I just wanted to keep my promise and post about it. I know my numbers may seem small to most veterans. But I am a new agent and this is more money than I was making in my previous positions.

    This career has also helped me develop personal confidence and skill on the phone and talking to others. I know that I am new and I am willing to take advice and guidance but I honestly don't understand why people have a negative impression of AIL when my experience has been far greater than all of my previous jobs and has provided me with real opportunity.

    My starting advance commission is 40%. I receive 75% of that 40% advance and the remaining 25% is held in a bucket for potential chargebacks etc. I should get a new contract soon for 50% instead of 40%. I am obviously a captive agent so I don't know if this is considered good or not. I am just stating the facts for you to judge and respond.

    So far, my total "submitted date" (starting from 6/12) is $14,241.84 ALP (whole life, term, ADB) $2,392.08 A&H (a71 and cancer) I made a mistake as a new agent trying to sell a71 and cancer upfront instead of using it as a fall back position. It does not go towards my ALP and I don't get paid as much for it so if I could change anything, I would have went for more ALP but there were a few cases where A&H was all the person wanted so I gave it to them. I am up so early because I got my sleep already and I am looking forward to my sale at 10:30. Feel free to respond with your thoughts and I will read your response.

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    New Agent in Louisiana
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