Washington National Claims

Oct 16, 2017

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    A fellow agent and I have have submitted claims recently to Washington National. His was for a lady that was diagnosed with cancer only a couple of months after buying the policy. Only took about three weeks for her to receive her check. I have one client that has had three claims on an accident plan. The first one was a week after the policy was issued. I faxed that claim in and the check was issued and mailed to the client the next day. The claims were mailed in a week ago. She received her checks for a total $1150.00 in today's mail. Fast issue, commission payment and claims service.. They have been very easy to deal with.. If you need a contract, message me. I don't recruit but I will tell you who my upline is.. I don't have permission to post his name here but he is a grouchy well known member ... :1smile: