What can you tell me about Sagicor?

Oct 17, 2017

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    Long story short.

    So I am working a senior exposition. I'm working the table by myself since no one else decided to show up. I'm concentrating on Whole Life and Medicare Supp's.

    During that time I was approached by one of their regional managers and we struck up a conversation. He offered me a position. Either as a captive agent or adding their products to my portfolio.

    What I liked about it that I was offered a salary + health/benefits package. I'm assuming the salary would be a draw off commission until I established myself. Not a bad option when you are only working part time trying to establish myself in the field.

    I've been doing FE and dabbling in Med Sups for the last 3 years via a dead end call center job. I've written some small policies on the side but can't seem to find the time between the commute, helping my wife (she is self employed) and my regular job to do more. At 51, I know my time is running out to try and build for my future.

    I'm curious about what you think about their products in general. If anyone has any experience working for them full time? What do you think of their policies, etc.

    I'm open to selling other products than FE and medicare, it's just what I know since I've been doing it for 3 years.

    Once again your knowledge is welcome.