What is the Best Lead Company for Life Insurance

Aug 7, 2015

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    I am a new agent and I am looking to start buying internet leads for life insurance. I have been looking around and all I seem to find is a lot negative reviews about many the different companies out there and I am really confused about which company to go with. My boss recommended precise leads, agent insider and lead co.

    So far Lead Co seams like the best choice but the problem is in my area all they can offer me is a 1000 mailings for 665. But if I do that is their is no guarantee that I will get any leads and that's a lot of money to spend right now as a new agent on a gamble. Ideally I would like to do a combination of Internet leads and something like what lead co does we're they do mailings to new home buyers to see if they are interested in life insurance. But I would prefer to just pay per lead Instead of for a mailing.

    I would really appreciate any advice or recommendations that anyone can give me on the different companies that they have used.

    Thanks for the help