What Isn't Covered by Auto Insurance?

Jan 11, 2016

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    A friend was in an accident sometime ago. He was insured and the driver was insured. My friend was at fault. It was a rear end accident. They swapped insurance, did a police report and moved on.

    So he thought. When the car owner placed their claim it was under a different insurer than what the driver was using. This raised a red flag for both my friend and I.
    It appears the daughters boyfriend was driving the car and not the daughter.

    I've heard that the insurance follows the car. I've also heard that in order to be covered the person operating the vehicle has to be on the policy to be granted coverage.

    It appears that drivers don't need insurance as long as the car is covered by someone else.

    What typically would not be covered?
    What circumstances must be met?

    To make matters more confusing out the blue he received a letter from George Thomas associates claiming he owes thousands of dollars to the owner of the vehicle.

    Furthermore would the insurance also cover injuries to the operators of the car even if they're not on the policy?
    Ave383, Jan 11, 2016