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Jun 4, 2008

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    I have been considering a career change for the last year or so. I have a friend who is contracted with a major company selling MA and Part D policies. This friend has explained how the company works, salary+commission, company provides leads, company provided training, etc... Well I have been studying for my L/H license and have seriously been looking at trying to obtain a position with this company. However, my friend just informed me that they have been told there will be changes to their policies and that they had better get their clients ready to go so they aren't lost due to the changes. It looks like they won't be the cheapest, but still have good benefits.

    I currently have a position as a compliance officer within the banking industry. Salary is okay, but no room for advancement and no opportunity for commissions or bonuses. I would like to have a position that I can somewhat be in control of my salary and possibility of moving up within a company. Also, I have been reading about annuities and I think that in a couple of years, I would like to get into this.

    So here are some questions:

    1. What are the good companies that offer a base+salary in the MA and Part D area?

    2. Do the customers switch quite often due to changes in policies?

    3. What are the anticipated problems with the upcoming presidential election?

    4. Any advice that you have to offer.

    Thank you in advance for all responses.
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    1. Get a shrink you'll need it in this business

    2. Most but maybe not all pay only commissions.

    3. Yes quite a few clients change every year, some you wrote in the AEP will change in the OEP, then you have a chargeback

    4. No problems this coming year with the upcoming election and probably none next since the new president won't be in office that long.

    Well good luck and good selling.