Who Should Report Insurance

Jul 29, 2016

  1. Anil28

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    I rear ended a car at right turn yield sign as car ahead of me suddenly stopped. very minor accident. Guy in the next car called cops.

    Cops came and they saw, mentioned that this is minor accident. you have 2 choices either go thro' insurance or settle. me and other guy aggred to settle.
    Cop just noted the license number and he said accident is noted so i can drive to mechanic.

    then we visted mechanic my car was repaired and other guy got somethings fixed and he said he will came after 1 week. after 1 week he came and started saying A/C issue and door need to replace and all. so i said if you want to do this better you go to insurance. he left.

    Now question is
    1> I do not need to claim anything from my insurance so i am not calling my insurance. other guy will call his insurance to report accident and claim and they will get back via my insurance to me. this is my understanding. Is this correct ?
    ( we have exchanged insurance copy and car registration copies).

    2> I have not contacted police again to get any kind of report. i suppose i do not need to ?

    3> If my insurance calls i am going to say i am at fault but it is just rear end touch on driver side bumper/bumber is inact not broken. nothing is broken and even cops said minor accident . you can check reports from cops and photos from area or i have photos of his car after accident. and i do not need to do any claims on my car.Will this be fine ?

    4> if any outrageous epenses are getting asked then i would deny them. it should be 100-200$ range claim. you should do your accessments for truthfulness for other party's claim ? Am i right to say this ?

    Please suggest. i am not sure. it should not get considered hit and run as cops
    were called and insurance info exchanged. also we visited mechanic.


    Anil28, Jul 29, 2016
  2. djs

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    He can call your insurance company directly or go through his. Either way works.

    In my experience, there is almost no such thing as a $100 to $200 repair. At the same time, insurance adjusters are very, very good at only paying for damage done by the accident and not for damage unrelated (i.e., air conditioning for a rear-end bump).

    Let the process work. Not a big deal.

    djs, Jul 29, 2016