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Dec 4, 2008

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    Hello Everyone!

    I hope AEP has treated you well!

    I have a lead for a lady right outside of Madison, WI...

    I have enrolled a number of her friends here in OH and they thought that the plan I recommended to them would be a good fit for her.

    Just so happens that this plan is Advantra Freedom 5, which is also available in her county.

    I can mail her out the app and have her sign it, but I said hey... why not have a local person service this client.

    So any good agent close to Madison, WI that would like to right an app and make full commission on it as a favor for me, I would highly appreciate it.

    You have to go sit with her, you have to be contracted and certified with Coventry, and you have to send me a block of cheese to my home after the sale...

    If anyone is interested please call me or send me a PM.

    Happy Selling,