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As Millennials grow, so does their need for income protection

Tips for agents looking to target the workforce’s largest generation for individual disability insurance.

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CDC: 1 in 4 U.S. adults live with a disability

Cognitive disability most common in younger adults; mobility disability most common for others, new report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds.

Critical illness coverage: Closing the gap on care

About 1 in 4 employers now offer CI as a voluntary benefit, and premiums increased an impressive 15% last year.

Disability Insurance: A critical tool for financial wellness

1 in 3 working Americans don’t have adequate disability coverage, placing a strain on both the consumer and their employer. That’s why it’s important to consider how DI can protect employees and lessen the burden of an unexpected financial emergency.

DIAM: Employees underestimate chances of becoming disabled, and their need for income protection

Annual campaign aims to educate working Americans about the need for income insurance. While data shows 64% of consumers believe most people need disability insurance, only 20% actually own it.

Zenith Marketing Group partners with Ash Brokerage

Zenith Marketing Group, a full service insurance brokerage agency based in Freehold, N.J., is joining Ash Brokerage, the largest privately held insurance brokerage in the United States, the companies announced recently.

Even Superheroes need protection

Your high-end clients – superheroes in their chosen profession – are not invincible to the perils of mortals. They need superhero-level disability income protection.

Insurance entities urging Santa to review coverage before Christmas Eve

Santa Claus is being urged (in a tongue-in-cheek manner) to review his insurance coverage prior to embarking on his incredible around-the-world journey on Christmas Eve.

Individual disability income companies see jump in combined new sales after market shakeup

14 IDI market leaders record a combined 2017 premium growth rate of 9% through June 30 compared to 1.3% growth rate in 2016.

May’s Disability Insurance Awareness Month campaigns focus on younger working adults; small business owners

May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month. Each year, insurers, adjacent businesses, agents, brokers, employers and industry organizations come together to remind the American public...

Social Security Disability applications near 1.4 million through July, Allsup reports plus 3 tips...

BELLEVILLE, Ill. – Nearly 1.4 million people applied for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits from January to July 2016, representing a slight decrease...

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