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AMA study shows Alabama still has least-competitive health insurance market

A single health insurer has at least 50% market share in 43% of the nation's metropolitan areas, according to a new study by the American Medical Association.

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Elimination of federal penalty for not having health insurance may mean addition of state...

While the just-passed tax bill eliminates the mandate penalty as of 2019, most who go without coverage in 2018 will still face a penalty. Meanwhile, individual states are considering imposing their own coverage mandates.

What’s different about the impending 2018 Open Enrollment Period

New rules, a largely condensed enrollment timeframe, slimmer options and what states are doing to promote their exchanges are just a few of the things to consider as the 2018 health insurance Open Enrollment Period begins Wednesday.

States, cities with highest, lowest uninsured rates for health coverage ranked

Massachusetts has highest percentage of insured residents while Texas has the lowest, a new in-depth analysis finds.

Digitization ensuring insurance is no longer a costly headache

Author Wes Thompson, founder and CEO of emergency medical insurance startup Emerge, says digitization of the health insurance market is making it easier for customers to get better and cheaper health insurance.

Congress reinstates health reimbursement arrangements

In what is being hailed by supporters as a major victory for small businesses across the country, Congress on Wednesday approved the 21st Century...

Customer satisfaction with insurers – even health – rises according to new survey

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Customer satisfaction with U.S. health insurers is up, according to a new survey by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). People...

Massachusetts has lowest rate of uninsured residents, Texas highest in rankings by WalletHub

As we are in the midst of Open Enrollment, it seems like a good time to share a recent analysis of 2016 Uninsured Rates...

Shift from group to individual coverage evident in AIS annual health plan survey

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The number of health insurance policies sold directly to consumers for 2016 increased by 9.3 million people, or 10% over last...

Test that can ruin chances of getting life insurance could also revolutionize health care?

What could ruin a person’s chances for getting life insurance, but could “revolutionize” health care? As an insurance professional, you’ve likely solved this riddle: Genetic...

9 extreme schemers make up Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame 2015 class

WASHINGTON – Blown up houses, staged wrecks and bogus spine surgeries were among the damage inflicted by nine convicted scammers newly selected to the...

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