Subsidy Applicants and Traditional Health Clients- A Different Approach

One agent took to the forums to ask about the demographics of ACA subsidy applicants, in order to better understand how she could assist them.  She noted that her typical health clients in the past have been self-employed professionals, i.e. doctors, lawyers, engineers, or entrepreneurs.  In her experience,  subsidy applicants have been less traditional applicants with a wider array of questions, circumstances, and in some cases a more erratic application process.

Another agent shared a Washington Post article pertaining to her question.  Reportedly, an Associated Press study revealed that the uninsured in America aren’t scattered evenly across the country, but reside in just 116 of the country’s 3,143 counties.

Producers agreed that “the lack of knowledge is pretty profound – there is so much misinformation about the basic facts of how the plans work, what the coverage will be, etc. – many are scared, angry, and overwhelmed.” As such, managing these clients and serving their needs may take a different tactic.  Producers agreed that one of the best ways to help is by learning as much as possible about the subsidy process, as confusing as it is, and refer accordingly, where appropriate.

How do you help clients battle the confusion of the subsidy process?