HealthSherpa’s 2019 ACA enrollment spikes 81%

With the close of the open enrollment periods in New York and the District of Columbia, health technology company HealthSherpa recently announced its 2019 open enrollment period results.

In aggregate, HealthSherpa enrolled over 500,000 people in ACA coverage (an 81% increase over last year) making the company the largest private sector enrollment channel for the 39 states that utilize the Federal Marketplace.

According to the San Francisco-based company’s data, most HealthSherpa consumers found coverage for $35 or less, and 71% enrolled in silver plans, which offer comparable coverage to employer-sponsored health insurance. In aggregate, HealthSherpa has enrolled over 1.8 million Americans in on-exchange health insurance since 2014.

On Dec. 4, 2018, HealthSherpa was approved as the first company to launch its full-service integration based on the Department of Health and Human Services’ new Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) technology, which permits private companies to carry out all enrollment and related activities for on-exchange health coverage.

HealthSherpa remains the only company approved to implement EDE Phase 2, which allows 95% of enrollments (including common special circumstances such as pregnant or student applicants) to be processed end-to-end on

“We’re thrilled to see strong interest in the ACA from industry and consumers alike this year,” said HealthSherpa CEO George Kalogeropoulos. “Insurers are re-entering the Marketplace in force, with agents and brokers following suit. Most importantly, consumers continue to value the peace of mind and high-quality health coverage that only ACA-compliant plans can provide. It’s very gratifying to be the link connecting consumers to affordable, high-quality health coverage and then helping those folks use that coverage to take better care of themselves and their families.”

About HealthSherpa: HealthSherpa partners with large employers, insurers, as well as insurance agencies and agents to support consumers searching for, enrolling in and utilizing high quality, affordable health insurance coverage. HealthSherpa only sells ACA marketplace plans, which have built-in consumer protections, and since its founding in 2014, has enrolled over 1.8 million Americans in Affordable Care Act coverage. For more information, visit