Final Expense lead follow-up strategies

Westport, Conn.-based Final Expense producer Dominick M. Caiati recently had a new article posted on LifeHealthPro listing his four core elements that are essential for a successful lead follow-up strategy: lead quality, lead management, presentation system and additional resources for business.

In his article, Caiati says a good agent will work a batch of leads until “they either buy, they die or say no.” He also says the quality of your leads is perhaps the single most important aspect to success in the FE business, and that “free” leads can be expensive. Caiati talks about his lead management system that allows him to “touch” leads multiple times, his presentation system that has built-in responses to just about every objection imaginable, and frequently overlooked ancillary lead resources.

Check out the article here, and then come back and share your thoughts on Caiati’s advice on this new thread on the Forum.