Mercer Advisors partners with Chapter to maximize client Medicare savings

Chapter, a leading data-driven Medicare Advisor, has entered into a new partnership with Mercer Global Advisors, Inc., expanding its support to the 65 million Americans eligible for Medicare.

The partnership enables Mercer Advisors to identify healthcare savings and benefits that further empower their clients as they approach retirement.

“Many Americans vastly underestimate how much they will need to cover healthcare costs in retirement and frequently overpay for medical care due to the opacity of the Medicare system,” said Cobi Blumenfeld-Gantz, Co-Founder and CEO of Chapter. “This partnership allows us to amplify our impact as a consumer first, fiduciary-type Medicare Advisor, alongside a leading and forward-thinking financial services institution.”

Mercer Advisors said the partnership allows the company to continue being at the forefront of wealth management services for the roughly 25,000 clients they serve. Mercer Advisors’ team will partner with Chapter’s Medicare experts to address complex concerns surrounding the optimization of healthcare coverage and effective management of rising healthcare costs for retirees.

“Mercer Advisors is an industry leader when it comes to providing customized, white glove services at every stage of a client’s financial journey. Choosing the right Medicare plan is a critical decision for those approaching retirement. We are proud to partner with a company like Chapter that provides end-to-end support for those approaching retirement,” said Karen Lee, Chief Business Solutions Officer at Mercer Advisors.

Determining the right Medicare coverage in retirement is a high consequence, complex, and oftentimes irreversible decision for clients.

Chapter’s licensed Medicare experts provide personalized guidance to Americans navigating Medicare. Their Medicare experts earn identical compensation irrespective of the selected plan or carrier, ensuring that individuals receive recommendations tailored solely to their needs. Additionally, Chapter’s platform supports older Americans in deciding when and how to sign up for Medicare and whether they can improve existing coverage to get better benefits for less. Chapter hosts hundreds of educational events every year and partners with employers, financial advisors, benefits organizations, non-profits, and healthcare organizations. Chapter’s team and technology search every detail of all 24,000 Medicare options to make the process of finding the best Medicare coverage seamless for clients of financial advisors.