New tool shows Medicare Advantage penetration by health plan and county in all 50 states

There’s a quick new way to determine Medicare Advantage enrollment by county.

A new, intuitive tool created by Bellingham, Wash.-based MedicareCompareUSA can be accessed by visiting the company’s newly designed website at

The company said in a press release it created the tool so hospitals, healthcare systems and medical groups in all 50 states will be able to see where their greatest opportunities lie for patient growth as well as what trends have emerged county by county over the past six years.

The mapping also shows market penetration by county of Medicare Advantage plans, both in raw numbers and share of market. Having this data, the company says, will help providers determine where to intelligently spend marketing dollars and where a potential change in contractual relationships could have the greatest impact.

“It is important for hospitals, more than ever, to have a proactive strategy for retaining current Medicare patients and attracting new patients, especially those just turning 65,” says Paul Gauthier, founder and CEO of MedicareCompareUSA. “This tool will help providers become actively involved in marketing to the senior population in their communities and to own the relationship with their patients as never before.”

MedicareCompareUSA currently claims to have a strong presence in 20 states and says it delivers an important and often missing link between healthcare providers and consumers by helping Medicare beneficiaries select a health plan that is accepted by their existing hospital and doctors. MedicareCompareUSA also serves as a vital resource to hospitals at the time of a “compelling event” – such as change in health plan contracts – in helping client hospitals retain desirable market share they have worked hard to build.

MCUS/New mapping capabilities

The new mapping feature on the MedicareCompareUSA website is the first of many enhancements the company intends to introduce throughout 2018. It is part of the company’s newly launched website, which serves as a Medicare plan enrollment center by providing those on Medicare a one-stop shop to answer questions regarding Medicare options and to connect them with an agent who can help them enroll in the plan of their choice. The company also says the site also serves as “an important resource for agents, brokers and providers who more than ever are needing to realign their strategies and adapt to the changing buying habits of patients.”

About MedicareCompareUSA: MedicareCompareUSA helps Medicare beneficiaries select a health plan that is accepted by their existing hospital and doctors, thus assuring continuity of care and preserving the trusted relationships many providers have built up over time with their patients. Not owned or managed by any Medicare insurance company, MedicareCompareUSA’s mission is to provide seniors the unbiased information they need while simplifying the enrollment process. For more information visit