Seniors Continue to Be Overwhelmingly Satisfied with Medicare Supplement Coverage: AHIP Research

An overwhelming majority of seniors (93%) reported being satisfied with their Medicare Supplement coverage, with 80% reporting that they are very or extremely satisfied, according to a new survey conducted by Global Strategy Group on behalf of AHIP.

“Medicare Supplement brings seniors a very high level of satisfaction because it allows seniors to get the care they need from the doctors they prefer at an out-of-pocket cost they can afford,” said Jeanette Thornton, AHIP Executive Vice President, Policy and Strategy. “Medicare Supplement insurance is one of the many innovative ways health insurance providers are helping protect people from high out-of-pocket costs not covered by original Medicare.”

Medicare Supplement coverage complements original Medicare by protecting enrollees from many additional health care costs and allowing them to choose their doctors and specialists. The survey, conducted in January 2023 and released April 12, asked seniors about the value, benefits, customer service, and overall quality of care received through their Medicare Supplement plans.

Survey findings include:

  • 93% of seniors said they are satisfied with their Medicare Supplement plan, with 80% saying they are very or extremely satisfied.
  • 91% of seniors said they would be concerned about losing their financial security if they didn’t have Medicare Supplement coverage, and 90% would be concerned about paying co-pays and/or co-insurance.
  • 83% of seniors rated the value of their Medicare Supplement coverage as excellent or good.
  • 96% of seniors said they agree that Medicare Supplement coverage allows them to see doctors and specialists they know and trust without worrying too much about out-of-pocket costs.
  • 77% of seniors said the most valuable benefit of their Medicare Supplement coverage was that it covered hospital expenses not covered by original Medicare.

Read the full survey here.