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Direct mail triggers more consumers to recognize they need life insurance

Yet more people end up buying a policy working with a financial professional, according to new study examining the four stages of the life purchase process.

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How to get prospects to find you

Selling and prospecting require two different types of skills: prospecting is all about getting the fish on the line and selling is getting it in the boat. Here are four basic principles that attract prospects and bring prospects closer to you – or in other words, how to get the fish on the line.

11 ways to hook customers

Every agent’s major competition isn’t always another brand, product, service, or even price. Sometimes it’s the producer who knows how to capture someone’s imagination, the agent who can “hook” customers. Here are some tactics to help you win customers.

Final Expense leads in 2017: What’s working now

Generating a consistent, high-quality source of qualified leads is paramount to success in selling final expense. Insurance Forums member David Duford (screen name: Rearden) details what he considers to be the best types of final expense leads, how they work, and their overall quality.

Sales organizations embrace exploding sales technology landscape, study finds

Web and social prospecting are on the rise; 83% of high-growth sales organizations already use five or more sales technologies.

Bigger investment in purchased leads drives higher revenue and faster growth, new report affirms

The fastest-growing companies get better sales results by purchasing leads at a higher volume and price, according to new data from Velocify. The Los Angeles-based...

Why prospecting fails and what to do about it

Prospecting is arguably the No. 1 hot topic in sales. In spite of all the seminars, podcasts, training programs, books, and pressure from managers,...

Agent Success with Call Marketing

Arguably, the rise of the Internet as a distribution enabler and disruptor came later than in many other industries, but nonetheless it is here....

Poll: Agents Discuss the Most Difficult Aspects of Selling Insurance

Is it knowing about your products?  Finding new people to pitch these products to?  Or retaining good clients after you’ve sold to them?  We...

Let data tell you the best day and time to dial that lead

Let’s face it. It’s 2016. When it comes to sales and marketing, data is king. Agents today must juggle all sorts of tasks. Knowing when...

New ‘LinkedIn ProFinder’ – a great opportunity to generate leads?

As you may or may not be aware, LinkedIn quietly launched a new service called ProFinder recently that matches LinkedIn members in need of...

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