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Making your sales proposal a winner

This three-phase process for creating proposals that meet prospect expectations covers what to do before, during and after presenting.

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Avoiding objections is stupid: 4 ways to seek out the objections you DON’T want...

Rejection hurts, so most salespeople try to avoid it for as long as possible. It's far smarter to bring objections to the surface as early as possible. Sales acceleration specialist Jeb Blount offers a few powerful tactics to help you do so.

8 questions that keep prospects talking

Salespeople learn when they’re listening, as getting prospects talking gives a producers the information needed to make the sales. Here are 8 questions that will do the job.

How to raise your curiosity quotient, boost sales productivity and make life more interesting

How was your holiday break? Did you spend time with relatives? See any good movies? Go anywhere special? And why am I asking all...

Interviewing To Be A Commercial Lines Producer

Is interviewing for a commercial lines position different from a personal lines interview?  One agent came to the forum seeking advice on what questions...