CRM Review

Looking for the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform?  Look no further, our forum members have gone to the trouble of providing some insight into their CRM preferences.  Some of the best platforms, as follows:

1. Salesforce – Salesforce is arguably the most ubiquitous CRM platforms across all industries.  In terms of how it stacks up in the insurance world, users note that it can be challenging to get policyholder information into it, and it is likely that detailed customization efforts will be needed.  Althought Salesforce is not the newest technology out there, it is robust.  It likely won’t crash or be unavailable when you need it.

2. Velocify (formerly Leads360) – Though this system is not the cheapest, forum members had an overall positive experience with Velocify.  Benefits include automatically leads being sent to the system, a drip e-mail functionality, and customer support that is always available.  Some users noted problems with the quad auto-dialer.

3.  Radius – Within the past couple of years, Radius has offered several free upgrades to its users.  Forum members noted that Radius has been an extremely responsive vendor for customer service needs and training.  Radius also offers manageable drip e-mail campaign and texting functionality.  Follow-ups and prospective e-mail tracking are simple to use and organize.

4. Agency IQ – Agency IQ offers automatic import of leads, customizable e-mail marketing, workflow management, pipeline management, and information management.  The platform’s website offers live demos for training purposes.  Experienced users noted the platform is particularly strong with respect to drip e-mail campagins and blast e-mailing lead lists.

5.  Act! – Select forum members chose the Act! database system as their favorite for data mining.  Users can create their own fields, sort by these fields, create lookups based on a variety of fields, and group clients together.  The system also has an Outlook syncing feature.  Users cautioned that the platform isn’t necessarily the most user-friendly out there, and might be best suited for data wizards.

What are your favorite CRM platforms?  Want to see additional reviews? Look right here.