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Insurance: Destined for change by way of technology

Last year alone over $1.7 billion was invested in insurtech startups. There is significant momentum and interest around developing the next best thing, and each and every one of these startups brings a new idea to our industry. But how do they get to market?

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8 questions that keep prospects talking

Salespeople learn when they’re listening, as getting prospects talking gives a producers the information needed to make the sales. Here are 8 questions that will do the job.

Is your practice telling the right story?

The businesses that stand out don't just state "we are the best" or focus on the ROI of their products. Rather, they tell a story that sparks an emotional connection with prospects. Here are seven tips to help you get started telling yours, courtesy of Justin Champion.

2 in 3 RIAs and fee-based advisors say AI will create a competitive advantage

New special report's 360-degree view allows advisors to harness the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, learn from early adopters and help clients bridge the AI Divide.

House passes bill to protect seniors against fraud; industry groups urge President Trump to...

The Senior Safe Act intended to empower and encourage financial professionals to report suspected cases of elder financial abuse while shielding advisors who act in good faith and with reasonable care from liability.

Survey reveals record industry hiring in 2018 as employers share recruiting challenges

Insurance companies are having a difficult time finding talent to keep up with new openings and replace retirees and short-term millennial workers, signaling a need to update recruiting strategies, according to new survey.

10 motivations that move customers to buy

Intent on rattling off features, benefits, facts and figures, salespeople often forget they must understand a customer’s need to buy before the facts will make sense. This article explores 10 motivations that move customers to buy.

AALU targets growth, diversity as priorities during 2018 annual meeting

Incoming CEO Marc Cadin, who will be taking over later this year for David Stertzer, stressed the need for growth and depth within the advanced life insurance underwriting advocacy organization in an address to the meeting’s roughly 1,000 attendees.

Comey picked to keynote LIMRA 2018 Annual Conference

LIMRA announced Monday that controversial former FBI director James Comey will deliver the keynote speech at the 2018 LIMRA Annual Conference this October in New York City.

Strong social media presence critical part of success for life agents and advisors

New joint study finds more than a third of Americans and more than half of Millennials are likely to ask for recommendations for an insurance agent or financial advisor on social media.

Kerzner: Help make life insurance a social imperative again

LIMRA/LOMA/LL Global Inc. leader Robert A. Kerzner uses opening general session at Life Insurance Conference in Chicago to implore life insurance professionals strive to be better at reaching a large untapped market in desperate need of adequate coverage.

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