Tech startup Get-A-Quote launches as lead source for insurance agents

Insurance shopping tool and tech start-up Get-A-Quote has announced that it is open for business, and is actively partnering with insurance professionals to extend insurance quotes to shoppers.

For agents, there are no shortage of sources for leads, most of which take the form of shared access to a list of contacts, only a fraction of which agents are able to reach, much less close on, Get-A-Quote says in the May 18 release announcing its launch.

“We see ourselves as a crucial connection for agent and consumer. We’ve taken decades of industry understanding and used it to craft systems and technology that work for consumers—and when consumers win, the insurance agents that help them win also,” says Get-A-Quote Founder Marcio Pepe.

Because Boca Raton, Fla.-based Get-A-Quote was founded by insurance professionals, agents will notice immediately how one of the primary pain points is addressed: lead quality. Get-A-Quote says it bridges the gap using technology to increase the connection, and maximize the likelihood of closing.

Get-A-Quote is designed to inject quality into the lead gen model. As seasoned agents know, contact numbers in and of themselves don’t directly translate to business.

When it comes to purchasing leads, the greatest factor to efficiency is the quality of the lead. Qualified leads close faster, and a bigger quantity of poor-quality leads is a hindrance to efficiency, not a help.

Limited by the dual problems of questionable quality and limited efficiency, buying leads has always been approached with muted enthusiasm. With Get-A-Quote’s newly laid infrastructure, the startup says insurance agents are able to capitalize on new opportunity with more qualified leads in their sales pipeline.

Get-A-Quote has taken a contemporary approach to the challenge of insuring quality, offering a unique quiz-based approach, grounded in education and customer-centered learning.

This qualification process ensures that the individual is more informed and willing to make a move when the lead comes to the agent. Get-A-Quote says the benefits of its “sleek, well-designed interface” are passed on to the agent: leads are better qualified, and individuals aren’t daunted by too many questions, thanks to the intuitive process.

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