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Proven ways to lose a sale (and how to avoid it)

While no one sets out to lose a sale, there are danger signals that can lead to trouble. Avoid them and "no" can often become "yes".

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Agents Behaving Badly Part III

In our latest look at agent indiscretions in the news, we find cases of fraudulent life insurance and Med Supp applications, rebating, identity theft...

Irma cancels NAIFA conference, but many industry events remain this fall

Hurricane Irma forced organizers to call a last-minute cancellation of NAIFA's annual meeting scheduled for last weekend in Orlando, but the fall conference schedule includes several more major events.

3 business benefits a flexible underwriter can deliver

Working with an underwriter that can easily adapt to customer needs and provide access to a strong network of resources can go a long way toward increasing your bottom line.

7 sales pitches that don’t sell

A critical look at seven sales pitches for which the expiration date has come and gone. It's a good idea for salespeople to make sure their pitches are always fresh, appropriate and effective.

What it takes to be an ‘Agent for the Future’

Safeco recently surveyed 600 independent agents around the country to learn how they agents roles and priorities are changing, what they think will be important in the near future and how they are preparing for tomorrow.

20 ways to make clients feel valued

There are many ways to help clients feel valued - to demonstrate that we not only appreciate their business but we also care about them and their needs. Here are 20 of them.

NAIFA launches LACP designation as new ‘gold standard’ for life and annuity professionals

The new designation, officially launched during this week’s MDRT Annual Meeting 2017 in Orlando, is for life and annuity professionals who exemplify excellence in industry knowledge and ethical business practices.

Diversity, innovation top agenda at Women in Insurance Global Conference

Next week's event in New York's Times Square will feature insight from experts versed in diversity, inclusion and the role of advancing technology and business innovations.

More than 8 in 10 advisors now use social media for marketing, researching prospects...

Research from LIMRA shows social media is an increasingly common communication vehicle in the financial services industry.

Present your way to the top: 7 rules for building confidence

It’s easy to understand why so many otherwise capable people are distressed, anxiety-ridden, and almost paralyzed if they’re called upon to make a presentation—even...

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