The Insurance Agent’s Dream Software

What are your most pressing technology issues as an insurance agent?  Recently, a forum member came to the forum to seek input on his potential software development company.  He has been seeking an understanding of the trials and tribulations that agents face, in order to try and assist them with these problems through technology.

Agents reported that referrals, retention percentages, and lead generation were three of the most vital issues that they focus on.  Coming up with a more streamlined system that could cut down on time spent on these three factors would be a help to the agent community.

Another member noted that a software that agents could share with their current and prospective clients would also be a great idea.  Providing customers with a convenient electronic way to store and administer insurance policy information in a clear-cut, simple way would help both agents and clients save a lot of time.  If customers are more aware of their current insurance, they can be more knowledgeable about their current and future insurance needs.

One agent said, “How can any competent agent offer insurance to a potential buyer without knowing anything about that person’s existing policies? Auto insurance is related to home insurance, health insurance is related to auto insurance, and is more life insurance more important than disability insurance?”  By coming up with a system that addresses these questions, many insurance-related pain points would likely disappear.

What software might make your job easier?  Tell Brian here – and maybe he will make it a reality!