5 Marketing Tactics Every New Insurance Agent Has To Try

Mar 14, 2019

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    So you passed. You finally have your license. And now you can start selling insurance. Yes, you’re still a little wet behind the ears, but nonetheless, you’re finally an agent and you’re hungry to get started. Now, before you speed out the door, you have a few key things you have to learn. Firstly, selling insurance is different from selling most products. You’re selling a trust or a promise. You sell a concept, much of what is purchased can’t be seen, touched, or held. It’s simply felt…under certain circumstances.

    Secondly, its a dog eat dog world out there. On one hand, you’re up against some tough competition. Longstanding agencies with strangleholds over their service areas, billionaire titans like Mark Cuban seeking to turn the industry on its head, and changing regulations and consumer habits affecting buying habits.

    And finally, if all that’s not enoguh, to make matters worse, when you turn on the nightly news, you’re bombarded with stories of how automation and artificial intelligence are going to take your meal ticket!

    Yes, yes, you’ve got a mighty tough road ahead of you. But, on the other hand, today is also the greatest day in history to be selling insurance. Don’t believe me? Ask your mentor/elder what life was like before digitization… Today, technology has significantly leveled the playing field allowing the small fries to compete for head to head with the titans. Within a few mouse clicks, you can access millions of free, tools, online resources, and videos that will help you effectively leverage digital technology.

    Lucky for you, you’re in the right place if you want to learn digital marketing. We created this blog exactly to equip insurance agents like yourself with the tools and knowledge to thrive in the digital transformation (if you’re completely brand new, create your digital marketing strategy with this free playbook). That’s why I’m going to show you the 5 marketing tactics that will help you break away from the pack.

    Brand Yourself
    Branding is key. Imagine, you’re a brand new agent. You get the opportunity to be whatever you want to be. Why not start with something aspirational? Go for a larger than life figure, stake out your claim on the nearest town landmark, or focus on a niche. Whatever you do, remember it is tough out there, and you must stand out.

    Ideas to get you going:
    Persona: InsuranceBro

    Landmark: Insurance of Newport Beach

    Niche: Cali Contractor’s Insurance

    Networking is the 2nd tactic that you have to try. Remember, your network creates net worth. Get your feet on the ground and go meet people. You’re just getting started, you’ve got to let people know need to who you are. Heck, you might even make a friend or two.

    Ideas to get you going:
    Local Clubs/Groups such as BNI, Toastmasters International, Rotary Club

    Leverage unconventional referral partners

    Attend industry and trade meetings for your niche

    Speaking of branding and networking, why not do kill two birds with one stone! Brand yourself while expanding your network by becoming a thought-leader. How? Well, before you can become a thought-leader, you’ve got to tell us your thoughts, on a public forum! Establish your subject matter expertise by writing, speaking,and creating video content.

    Ideas to get you going:
    • Record a webinar
    • Land speaking appearances
    • Create Lead Magnets (e-books, whitepapers, infographics)
    Old School
    Stick with what’s worked in the past. We all know that there’s still a lane for word of mouth, with increased digitization, look for old school marketing tactics to make a come back. Think local mailers/flyers, billboards and signs, and everyone’s favorite, cold outreach.

    Ideas to get you going:
    Magazine/Newspaper Ads

    Local Radio Advertisement (think Pandora, I Heart Radio, etc.)

    Community Events/Sponsorships

    New School
    One thing’s for certain is millennial insurance agents won’t run away from digitization. We’ve spent most of our lives in the digital age and we’ve embraced it from the beginning. Call me biased, but digital marketing, done correctly, will easily provide you your highest ROI for 2 reasons. First, it’s scale and reach can extend your agency’s marketing across the nation. And secondly, it’s all trackable and traceable, so you have full transparency into what’s driving new business and what’s not.

    Ideas to get you going:
    Create custom and look-a-like audiences

    Geo-fencing your local service area

    Re-marketing and retargeting to current relationships

    Wrapping It Up
    There you go, young whippersnappers, five actionable tactics for you to supercharge your new agency’s marketing! Remember now, you are entering an industry in transition. The actions of you and your neophyte counterparts will play a direct role in shaping the future of the industry. What a time it is to be alive. All in all, keep checking out the blog for more tips and tricks for “tech-forward” insurance agents. Finally, if you enjoy the content and/or consider yourself to be a helpful agent, help us reach our goal by making sure to follow us on LinkedIn. : ) #godigital
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