Advice on convincing insurance company

Jan 30, 2019

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    Nothing wrong with asking for an exception, if you feel it's justified....Although, 2 out of 3 years with a scheduled items disappearance loss seems shady to me, those are losses that could be prevented or mitigated, however you want to take it.

    I would personally try to move the client to another carrier and if he isn't happy with that, then he isn't ever going to be happy and you'll be training him that he can abuse his insurance and not be penalized for it.

    As an owner myself, I would be concerned about my carrier, especially with that kind of volume, 1.4 is a big accomplishment, but is that insured someone you really want to put with?

    Remember, the second after you try to "strong arm" a company they will be on the defensive every time you try to place business with them. Your most important customers are your carriers, without them you can't do business.

    Best of luck on whatever direction you go!

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    Thanks for this post. I certainly can use a little more of this inspiration.
    bobson, Feb 5, 2019