Call to Household Quote Ratios

Feb 9, 2019

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    I'm still in the stages of building my referral network outside of my agency. It's going good so far in that aspect.

    I came to this agency in late-December from a very different agency where opportunities to quote people were pretty much handed to me without much effort by management and other sources that were exclusive to that agency. As a result, I was notably spoiled as I exceeded my goals by 200-300% at times.

    Now I work in a captive agency (as personal lines p&c producer, first-and-foremost) where I, for now, primarily call on x-date based leads. It's been a "brick to the face" in terms of adjusting to this method of prospecting. I know it works when done correctly. -- I've seen the results in my colleagues' work and the numbers online as well as those of previous sales logs in my current agency.

    Of course, we get other lead types and the goal is to become mostly, if not completely, network based at some point in your career. That's already in progress in that direction and going good so far; no worries there. I'm 24 and I've got a long career ahead having been in insurance for only 15 months and sales for 4+ years.

    Just curious as to what's a good calls per day and households quoted per day benchmark goal. I've, of course, asked this question to my manager and coworkers -- but I'd love more feedback from other experts.

    Friday, I made about 35 calls but had quite a few pick-ups convert to legitimate conversations. I got lucky with low # of calls and lots of talk time. Obviously had some pick-ups and no's -- #gofortheno However, I also quoted 5 households from the calls and 1 from a referral; 6 in total. 3 out of the households exceed 7 items (with each auto counting as an item) and about half of them required some sort of assistance when off the phone from my manager as I'm learning still. On contrast, I've done days with more calls and less action, like anyone else.

    What's a good calls per day or households quoted per day benchmark when building your pipeline? Which do you prefer to focus on? What's a good conversation ratio? (someone picking up becoming a legitimate conversation) What's a close ratio for these kind of leads look like? (calls -> close, or conversations -> close)

    So far, being someone who is incredibly self aware (and praised for it) and enjoys having a "benchmark" for everything: I'm aiming for 60-80 calls per day (not there yet) next week with 4 to 6 households quoted per day. One thing I know I'm good at from my previous agency is my ability to pivot as well as uncover other lines of insurance during a conversation. So I often sell on value (obviously, we all get those bottom line, price focused people sometimes) and brought in an average of 4.2 personal P&C items (with auto = 1 item) per household at my previous employer (as compared to my current agency's average household with about 3 items per household). That's not the hard part for me.

    Also, I'm slowly growing to enjoy this method of prospecting; it's been a dreadful hurdle to embrace it that has hurt me numbers-wise in the past month. Any suggestions to help me teach myself to maintain that drive would be greatly appreciated! I have made improvement. I went from 0-1 households quoted per day and barely 20-30 calls in a day to 30-60 calls per day with 4-6 households quoted per day in 2 weeks.

    I'm really trying to grind and make it work to catch up on loss time in January where I spent way too much demotivated, unfocused, and obsessing over the differences. Building a pipeline quickly so I can reclaim my place, and grow. (I really, really love this agency and I desperately want it to work for reasons far bigger than financial) I've got the ability as demonstrated by my previous places of employment and my sales manager regularly acknowledges my improvement in terms of activity consistency and quality. I consistently keep him in the loop as he does with me. I have some of the best training possible available to me; I'm just having trouble putting it in practice.

    Also, been reading Fanatical Prospecting. I've watched 50+ hours of YouTube videos. I've reached out to people on social media and have had many in-person meetings and phone conferences with professionals all over the country to provide me with their wisdom, input, and general advice. I've gone the extra mile (and then some) to learn and practice and that's the only thing saving me right now. The list of things I'm doing goes on and on. I started to work 40+ hours at work (as always, honestly) and study/learn/network an additional 30 or more per week. Haha -- it's clear at work I try very, very hard.

    Please feel free to private message me if I can set up a time to connect with you and learn more about how others have jumped their hurdles.
    evanpat, Feb 9, 2019